Monday, August 20, 2012

A Milwaukee blogger brunch

Karis hosted a lovely brunch at her house on Sunday morning. Two other Milwaukee area bloggers, Erica and Alysha also attended!

Milwaukee bloggers at brunch

I loved the sign on her front door! I laughed as I approached her house.

Karis' front door welcoming us bloggers :)

Karis is a typical Virgo and very organized (I am not a typical Virgo since I am not as organized at home). She had a menu written out with ingredients and the source. It was also sort of a joke and you can read about it on her blog post.

brunch menu

Karis's husband, Chris, opened the prosecco for our mimosas.

Chris with champagne

We started with fresh homemade cinnamon-sugar donuts, which were delicious! My husband saw the picture I took of them and couldn't believe Karis made homemade donuts. He wouldn't let me get a donut pan though, however. Silly husband, as he would benefit directly from it more than I would.

donut, yum

While Karis cooked, I enjoyed watching her cats, Merlot and Chianti, be mischievous.

Karis cooking

Merlot at the back door

Chianti reminds me so much of our cat, Tanzi.

Chianti sitting at the table

The other fantastic brunch items we had were Vanilla Chobani greek yogurt with berries, nuts, coconut and granola.

granola, berries and greek yogurt

A fritatta with kale and onions.


Here is my plate...we also had some fresh cantalope and red potatoes.

yogurt, frittata, potatoes

After we were done eating, we went outside for the photo and admired Karis and Chris's container garden, which is doing quite well.

Karis's kale

Karis's garden

I proceeded to admire her cats. I love that her cats have a little area to sit outside in. Ours don't go outside and they would probably beg to go out all the time.



It was a great morning and afternoon spent with fun and friendly bloggers! I am so thankful for blogging as it has connected me with new people I wouldn't have met otherwise.

Head on over to Karis's blog to check out the recipes she used.

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