Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zucchini cakes

It's only Tuesday, but I am keeping up with most of my weekly goals so far. Last night, I went to the gym, took a walk with Craig after and I read my book on the bus ride to and from work.

After work tonight, I ran to the mall to return something and to use some coupons at Bath and Body Works. I bought six wallflowers, mostly in wonderful fall scents like Autumn and Leaves, since I have found myself quite dissatisfied with other home fragrance products we use. With having our cats' litter boxes in our kitchen and entry way, I needed to take away that disgusting smell I experience when walking into our house.

wallflower bath and body works

I made zucchini cakes for dinner tonight. I saw this recipe pinned on Pinterest and it looked simple enough.

The most time consuming part was just grating the zucchini.

pre-mixture zucchini cakes

They fell apart a little when I cooked them.

cooking zucchini cakes

The taste was delicious! I am sure they would have been great with some greek yogurt or marinara sauce on top, but I wanted to taste them without covering up the flavor too much. I'd definitely make these again!

zucchini cakes

Dessert was a few bites of Chobani vanilla chocolate chunk, which I finally tracked down at the store. I find this to be much better than ice cream.

Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk

Time to go read some blogs and my book. Night!

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  1. A couple suggestions for zucchini cakes that fall apart - squeeze the zucchini really dry (I use a kitchen towel) and bake them instead of frying. I made a lot of zucchini cakes last summer, and those two tricks seemed to work the best for me.