Friday, September 7, 2012

Amy's Candy Kitchen, Cedarburg

Last Friday, my mom and I went to Cedarburg, WI to celebrate my birthday and check out the town.

After letting our Anvil Pub & Grille lunch settle a little, my mom and I walked down Washington Avenue and came upon Amy's Candy Kitchen.

Amy's Candy Kitchen

Amy's candy kitchen in Cedarburg

Weird site note--in the past couple of years, I have introduced myself to people and then they seem to think my name is Amy instead of Lisa. I have been told I look like an Amy or the girl from Chasing Amy, so I guess it makes sense. So, I wish this was my candy kitchen because it's a chocolate paradise in there.

The candy apples are not cheap, but they looked beautiful and delicious.


I'm a reese's pieces fan myself, so those were most appealing to me.


Amy's in Cedarburg-candy apples

My mom treated me to a little birthday dessert--a Belgian chocolate caramel. I got milk chocolate and my mom got dark. It was melty and so tasty. I am a big fan of chocolate and sea salt though.

Amy's candy kitchen caramel with sea salt


All of their candy looked divine!

candy at Amy's kitchen

Amy's has won many awards for their candy, including best overall for their candy apples, which was awarded by the Wall Street Journal.

Amy's Candy Kitchen
W62N579 Washington Avenue
Cedarburg, WI 53012
(262) 376-2145

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