Tuesday, September 25, 2012


How is your week going? Mine has been pretty good so far! I don't think a lot of Packer fans can say that today after that horrible referee call last night. I don't watch football, but even I was shocked and angry when I saw that play on the news this morning. My favorite headline was "Clueless in Seattle."



I've had quite a calm come over me lately. I don't know if it was that week of vacation I took, that I am still feeling sort of out it from this never-ending cold virus or that meditation is the cause of it. Whatever it is, I am thankful for the feeling.

To keep my calm feeling, I went for a walk outside in the gorgeous fall weather during my lunch break today. My destination was Starbucks and a Pumpkin Spice Latte was my treat.

I have only had two this season and they have hit the spot! For some reason, they taste much better than I remembered them tasting last year. I think it's my imagination though.

Pumpkin Spice Latte (second of the season)

It was so calm and quiet at Starbucks. I just chilled in a chair and played on my iPhone and watched people.


This sounds odd, but I know I am not the only girl that does this. I spotted a girl who was dressed so cute in a typical fall outfit: brown boots, dark tights, a skirt and a crossbody purse. She looked effortless. I think I need to dress like that more often, especially in fall because I love wearing dresses or skirts with tights and tall boots. I looked down at my boring outfit and thought to myself, you can do better.

While walking, I listened to a great new podcast: From the Inside Out by Trish Blackwell.

Trish Blackwell podcast


The episode I listened to was about patience. I think I am a pretty patient person, but I know that everyone could find ways to be more patient and it was a good reminder to work on that.

Dinner tonight was kind of my go-to meal: quinoa with whatever I can find to dump in it. I mixed together Trader Joe's roasted red peppers, quark from Clock Shadow, feta cheese, various spices, sea salt and cooked chickpeas. I made enough for leftovers for our lunches too.

Quinoa with chickpeas, roasted red peppers, quark and feta

Instead of going to the gym, I took advantage of the crisp and beautiful weather and went for a bike ride. There won't be many more evenings left to do that, so I figured I should spend some time outside.

Craig suggested I also do Wii Fit, which I haven't done in ages. I got a half hour in on there and it felt great to have fun while playing various balance and cardio levels.


My favorite is catching the fish in the penguin balance game. :) I also did step aerobics on there for 10 minutes, which got me sweating! It was a good reminder to pull out the Wii more in the winter months, when I don't feel like going to the gym.


Do you listen to podcasts? If so, do you have a favorite you subscribe to? I have a mixture of fitness, travel, language, vegetarian, NPR and nutrition podcasts on my iPhone.


  1. I Love NPR and I tried listening to Jillian Michael's pod cast, but I didn't love it

  2. My friend at work was wearing a similar outfit on Monday (long skirt, boots). I kept complimenting her on it, especially the long sleeve jean shirt she had paired with it, along with a cute belt. Jean shirts are making a comeback and I am buying one! I lived in my GAP one back in 1995!

  3. This Fall weather has been perfect. I save up podcasts for when I'm traveling - To the Best of our Knowledge has been a recent favorite.

  4. My coworker and I recently shopped at The Limited together and we've been getting many compliments at work on our new improved wardrobes. Now I just need to stop being so lazy with my hair to complete the look :)

  5. I for sure need to work on my look more, just because I stay home all day doesn't mean I need to be lazy with clothes. Especially now that everything I own is getting ginormous on me, it looks really frumpy.

  6. I'm laughing at Karis' comment :) The Limited is my favorite store. I have some virtual bucks, so I'm thinking I need to buy a mini skirt. BTW, I am totally making your quinoa dish. I love the idea of just dumping in randoms. And now that I have some Clock Shadow quark in my fridge....