Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainy weather = an impromptu at-home workout

It was pouring here tonight, so once I got home, I wasn't too keen on going back out in the rain to drive to the gym. I am not normally that wimpy about rain, but I just wasn't feeling like getting rained on anymore (blame it on waiting at the bus stop outside).

I came home to find a surprise package in my door, which contained a workout video called Fit in 5: Ultimate Body Blitz! I received it from Self magazine. Basically, I was a "loser" in another one of their giveaways, but they gave me this video anyway. So cool, thanks Self! It was as if the mail gods were telling me to stay home and try the video out, so that's what I did!

Fit in 5 video

Mid-workout break for a self-portrait...

me, mid-workout

...and the last of my Fitmixer aminos! I don't think I am going to buy them again. After doing research, I am not so sure I need aminos.

Aminos and weights

Overall, I loved the 20 minute strength exercise I did tonight. It definitely got my heart rate up in a short period of time. I really liked how the teacher, Violet Zaki, combined cardio and strength in exercises that were completely new to me. I worked my glutes and abs hard and those are the areas I need to strengthen most.

The only negative was that the teacher moved through the lunges really quickly and that is a move I have to take my time on, so I did exactly that!

I am looking forward to trying the yoga, pilates, dance and cardio workouts. I'll report back on those soon! I think this video will be great to pull out when I can't make it to the gym!

Dinner tonight included this quick and easy Seeds of Change quinoa and brown rice mixture I picked up at Costco.

Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice

I enjoyed the flavor, but Craig thought it tasted like plastic.

quinoa and brown rice Seeds of Change

Do you enjoy working out at home? I like bringing out workout videos or the Wii Fit when the weather isn't great outside, like today. That especially applies to when snowy evenings in the winter.


  1. Seeing that it's still light out when you get home makes me want to get into work earlier. It's been at least a few weeks since it's been light light out when I got home :(

  2. I workout at home 4-5 days a week. Mostly yoga and strength training DVDs.

  3. "Craig thought it tasted like plastic" LOL!

    It is so hard for me to workout at home. The dog is always getting in the way. It's fine though because I love headed out to the gym. It definitely gives me extra motivation.

  4. Great fitness self portrait! I didn't want to go to my ballet class in the rain Monday either (until my daughter made me feel guilty).

  5. All of my workouts are done at home, I just don't like going to the gym.