Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30: Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Today is really like a Thursday to me because I have to work tomorrow.

Here are five things that made my week!

1. I indulged in a white chocolate peppermint mocha while I wrote out some to do lists at work on Thursday. The whipped cream was especially good. 


2. I had some kettle corn yesterday and Karma definitely thought he was getting some. I don't eat popcorn that often, but my mom gave me some of this kettle corn and it hit the spot for both Craig and I.


3. I felt the need to get away from eating lunch at my desk, so I went to the library nearby and ordered a hummus wrap. It was nice to sit in the sunshine and be surrounded by books. I picked up two DVDs to borrow, one of which is featured next in this post.


4. I can't wait to continue watching Homeland this weekend. I'm onto Season 1, disc 3 and I continue to be hooked. I don't watch a lot of TV normally, but I seem to get easily addicted to TV series like Sex and the City, Six Feet Under and Downton Abbey.


5. Wool socks rule. How did it take me this long to discover this fact? I received these SmartWool socks from Larabar and Food Should Taste Good a couple of weeks ago and they are awesome! My hands and feet tend to always be cold in the winter, even indoors. My feet stayed nice and toasty in these socks. Sometimes it's the little things in life that make me so happy. 

SmartWool socks 


  1. I love SmartWool socks. I picked up a few pair at the last big REI sale and have been wearing them a lot lately now that the weather is cooler.

  2. SmartWool socks are great!
    Great idea to head to the library at lunchtime.

  3. that whipped cream with the peppermint pieces on it looks so good. i always swipe a taste of whipped cream from my husband's coffee drinks!

  4. I love your wool socks. I need to try some because me feet are always cold no matter what.