Saturday, November 24, 2012

Smyth at The Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee

I took a half day of work on Wednesday so I could have lunch with my two brothers and sister-in-law. We went to Smyth at The Iron Horse Hotel.

Exterior of The Iron Horse Hotel 
I was interested in taking my out of town relatives there because I figured they would like the interior of the hotel and the food at the restaurant. I went to The Iron Horse for the first time for a MKEfoodies event last month and the Food & Beverage Director, Scott Pampuch, spoke to our group.  

Smyth at The Iron Horse Hotel

Before eating, we walked around the ground floor of the hotel and I was happy to see "The Library" open. I wish more hotels had rooms like this one with comfy chairs and books to browse through.

The Library at The Iron Horse HotelIMG_2740

The bar area is chic and looks comfortable too.

bar area Iron Horsebar at Iron Horse

The lobby is also fun to walk around.

American flaginterior of The Iron Horse Hotel

We started with flash fried local cheese curds. They were tasty!

Cheese curds

Since I found it hard to find a meat-free dish on the menu, I just had French Onion soup. It has Carr Valley Swiss cheese on top. It definitely hit the spot!

My sister-in-law is vegetarian as well and she ordered a grilled cheese with an egg on top. The menu item had ham on it, but she asked for it to be removed.

French Onion Soup
Overall, I liked Smyth, but to form a great opinion of the food, I feel like I should try dishes outside of cheese curds and French Onion soup. I would like to have dinner there sometime.

I have two negative things to point out.

I like to check out menus online before eating out. It wasn't easy to find a lunch menu online for Smyth. There isn't one on their website (just dinner and brunch) and I eventually found one on their Facebook page.

As I said above, it was difficult for a vegetarian to find something to eat from their lunch menu. I know their dinner menu seems to offer more meat-free dishes.

Smyth at The Iron Horse Hotel 
500 West Florida Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204


  1. Those are my fave kind of cheese curds, the puffy ones. Iron horse is so cool, I want to have a drink in their outdoor lounge The Yard next summer.

  2. I'm the same as you, I like checking out the menu beforehand online. That way I can decide what I want because I tend to take forever when put on the spot.