Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Productive Monday

I had the day off yesterday and managed to cram a lot into my Monday: a trip to the gym, making cookie dough, applying for BlogHer (there's a waiting list for their publisher program right now and I hope I will get accepted within the month), shopping at the mall, finding the perfect gift for my work secret santa, a trip to Trader Joe's, cutting out and baking test cookies of a Linzer recipe and then darting off to meet Karis to carpool to food photography class together.

It seemed like I was meant to get all of that done in one day, as I sprained my ankle this morning and couldn't do too much today. I went into work and had to come home mid-morning. The pain in my foot was excruciating. At home, I could properly ice and elevate it on my comfy couch instead of awkwardly at my desk.

Here are some photos of my Monday:

Linzer dough ready to be refrigerated. The actual dough was pretty easy to make.

Shopping for a dress. I need a new one for Craig's work Christmas party and just another to have for weddings, etc. in general. 

I ended up buying this one at Ann Taylor Loft and it was only $40. Craig isn't wild about the print itself. I like it because it's different. I think men don't understand how hard it is to find a dress that fits great and is comfortable.

I traded in an empty bag of Starbucks for a free drip coffee and took a break at the mall.

While I didn't love how thick the cookies turned out (the dough needs to be rolled thinner when I make these for the bake sale), they tasted great! Nutty and different. They definitely brought me back to the little bakery I used to get them from across from my University in Switzerland.

And finally, food photography class. I really want a softbox for Christmas now and a new flash that I can bounce light with. :)


  1. A desire for new photo gear seems to be a common result from Joe's class :) I know what you mean about dress shopping. I recently ordered two online and was ecstatic that one fit well and was flattering (aChaps dress from Kohl's). http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1090568/chaps-ponte-sheath-dress.jsp