Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Melissa from A Better Bag of Groceries posted her Christmas wish list on Monday and it inspired me to share my own. I actually don't feel like I really "need" anything this holiday season and tend to just buy what I need throughout the year. Despite those factors, I still thought it would be fun to show you what is on my wish list for this holiday season.

1. Clarisonic Mia. The thing I'd love most is this in turquoise. My skin hasn't been looking the best lately and part of that is because I have been off an antibiotic that was controlling my adult acne. Plus, even though I wear sunscreen every day, the aging process is starting to show and my pores seem really large lately. I have read great reviews on the Clarisonic and think it is worth the money to invest in a tool like this. I have used a sonicare toothbrush for over 10 years now and it has helped my teeth tremendously  I seriously haven't had a cavity since I started using it.

2. A metal travel mug with a handle for commuting to work with coffee. A handle is a must because I ride the bus. I have been doing research on these and haven't come up with one that is rated great, so if you love yours and it fits my description, let me know! The mug below is from Starbucks and appears in a Good Housekeeping article about coffee mugs. I like the looks of this one and it seems to match what I need!

3. An immersion blender. I think this would be handy for smoothies without the mess of the blender and for making soup.

4. Calendars. The Wisconsin Humane Society's 2013 calendar and/or the Henri calendar. :) Yes, I am totally a cat lady, but I prefer the terms "animal lover." I added the WI humane society calendar to the hint list I sent to my in-laws and I hope I get it.

5. A 15 or 20 lb. kettlebell. I wish my gym would get some of these. The YMCA I go to is getting a makeover this month and I am crossing my fingers that kettle bells end up being part of the new equipment. I would probably use them more often at the gym than in my living room.

What is the one item you really want this Christmas?


  1. lululemon yoga pants, a kate spade wallet and candy :)

  2. My favorite part of the Henri calendar are the little notes on some dates, such as Jan 1 it says "Humans sleep late, then begin diet." Oh and it begins with December, so I already have it up on my wall :)

  3. An immersion blender is a kitchen must have! I use it for soup, applesauce, sauces.
    I am in need of a roasting pan and a new set of fleece sheets - simple stuff!

  4. My husband got me an immersion blender last Christmas,I absolutely Love it! I don't use it for smoothies, but it makes soup making a breeze :)


  5. Immersion blender is definitely on mine. I just bought a Le Creuset Dutch Oven though (using it to make Molly's rustic bread), so I guess I got my present...

    1. I should note that I bought it on sale at the outlet store, so it was a serious bargain (as much as a Le Creuset could be).