Sunday, January 27, 2013

Movies, Indian Food and Frozen Yogurt

This weekend was very relaxing for us! Was yours?

We watched two movies:

Ted (Not my favorite, but Craig has been saying quotes from it all day)

And Brave, which was also just ok to us.

We used Redbox for the first time to rent Ted. It was pretty easy to use in general and there always seems to be codes for free movies out there, which we had success with.

On Friday night, we made an Orange Leaf stop, which just made me wish Yo Mama was closer to us.

On Saturday morning, I ran to Lands End to return a dress and ended up purchasing two long sleeve shirts. Since our large and very expensive TV broke on Friday night, I decided shopping at the rest of the mall wasn't a good idea in case we had to invest in a new TV sometime soon. I just ran to Target for some things for work and then to Trader Joe's. I have decided that stocking up at TJ's at least once a month is worth it. The big, local grocery store in our area has just been disappointing me every time I go there.

Did you see the Trader Joe's Most Favored Favorite Products of 2012?

It's been a while since we got to the Indian buffet at Royal India on 27th Street and we finally had a free Saturday afternoon to get lunch there. I was so happy they had paneer tikka masala and plenty of fresh naan constantly coming out.

Craig's always happy to get mango ice cream (and so am I).

I also had some kheer (rice pudding) for dessert, which was delicious!

Tonight, I made Sweet Potato Chili with Quinoa and Black Beans. Karis made it at her Downton Abbey party and it was so good! I'll be eating this for lunch and dinner all week. I also made some cornbread muffins to go with this recipe. I topped it with plain Chobani and English Coastal Cheddar.

Dessert was what may be one of my favorite flavors of Chobani: the Fig with Orange Zest. So tasty! I wish it came in a bigger size. 

We got some sleet and snow today and our driveway, sidewalk and my car aren't cleared yet, so I better go outside and get that done. I need the exercise anyway! I've been kind of sedentary all weekend and I know that once the clock turns 8, I'll be on the couch another hour watching Downton Abbey!


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