Monday, January 21, 2013

Not So Blue Monday

I went MIA last week. Sorry about that! I love to blog, it's just that I ended up quite lazy with everything in the beginning of the week and then I didn't have much to write about.

Here was my weekend in a nutshell:

I ran a bunch of errands on Friday morning because I worked until midnight on Friday night. I used a Living Social deal for a local business, Health Hut. The thing I love about Living Social and Groupon is that they expose you to new businesses you might not go in otherwise. This was the case with Health Hut. I liked a lot of the foods and supplements they sold and was impressed in general. They were a bit overpriced on some things and then other things that were on sale were exactly the same prices as other stores. I have a good memory, so I know a lot of prices on food items in my head. I ended up with some cereal, soup, an Amy's frozen meal and a large Kiss My Face Conditioner, all for $10 in the end because my deal was worth $20.

I had a huge headache when I woke up late on Saturday morning, so I took some Tylenol and attempted to get rid of it with coffee. No luck there. I literally stayed in my pajamas all day and didn't shower. I just lounged on the couch and read travel books on Europe, drew a map of where my mom and I will likely go to, how long it takes to get to those places and how many nights we'll stay. It's actually quite difficult to plan a trip out like that and I realized we are going to have to cut out some of our original destinations to see others. It comes down to quality vs. quantity and I don't want be so overwhelmed with being constantly on the move that we end up sick of traveling by the end.

On Sunday, Craig and I got to the gym and I worked quite hard on the stair stepper and lifted weights. I was sweating by the time I ended my cardio session and feeling very hungry.

After that, my mom came over and we drove up to Port Washington to her cousin's house. We had been trying to plan this trip since fall of last year and things kept coming up for her cousin at the last minute. He has a lot of genealogy documents on my mom's maternal side of the family. I came armed with my laptop and a scanner and scanned in at least 20 documents, including my Great Grandparents' marriage certificate, immigration information and pictures. My favorite is this photo of my Great Grandparents, Anna and Anton, holding beer steins. :)

The best part was discovering the cities my ancestors were born in or lived in. We may end up visiting places like my Great Grandmother's birthplace of Fichtenbach, Germany or the location they last lived in together before immigrating to America, Furth im Wald, Germany. I also may or may not have a German author in my extended family. That still remains a mystery and my mom has to help me solve that one by finding a particular photograph.

I finished The End of Your Life Book Club today and even though I knew the ending, I still ended up in tears on the bus. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to others. I liked that the appendix included all of the books the author and his mom read and discussed. I definitely added a few to my "to read" list.

And finally, I'll leave you lovely readers with some eye candy, a new character on Downton Abbey. I totally thought this new character was so cute and then it was funny to see the "help" of the house all start to notice him too. Craig was not happy listening to me cheer when the girls were oohing and aahing over this new boy. Looking forward to seeing more of him on the show!

Did you know that today is Blue Monday? I actually had a great day, so no blues here, despite the freezing cold weather.


  1. Love that photo of your great-grandparents. Oh, and I agree, the new footman is very nice to look at :)

  2. Great photo!
    I still haven't watched Downtown Abbey - I keep trying to get Season 1 on Netflix but it's always 'Very Long Wait'. Maybe that will be a summer season viewing project!