Friday, February 8, 2013

Angelic Bakehouse Launch Party

On Tuesday night, a group of Milwaukee food bloggers came out for the Angelic Bakehouse launch party at La Merenda.

Angelic Bakehouse, formerly called Cybros-The Sprouted Bakehouse, are currently based in Waukesha, WI. They are the Milwaukee area's only sprouted grain bakery. If you haven't tried sprouted grain bread before, a reason to check them out is because "sprouted grains don't lose key nutrients and vitamins through milling and refining."

There was a recent article in the Journal Sentintel about the name change and the Marinos, owners of the bakery.

We got to try various Angelic products throughout the night. Here is a crostini with olive tapenade, which was delicious.

Two different pizzas were brought out and both were made on their pizza crust--the one below is Ham and Cheese and my favorite was a carmelized onion and mushroom one.

Dessert was bread pudding, of course.

At the end of the night, we walked away with swag bags.

I know what I am going to get with my coupon for a free item--pizza dough (when the product is available, which should be soon).

Besides 7-Gran Pizza Dough (which will be available soon), other products they sell include: breads such as Rye, 7-Grain, Wheat, No Added Sodium 7-Grain, Reduced Sodium 7-Grain and Honey Wheat with Raisins; buns and rolls such as hamburger buns, hot dog buns and dinner rolls; and speciality breads like a 7-Grain Baguette and 7-Grain Pizza Crusts.

On February 6th, the Journal Sentinel featured an article about how the Marinos are looking for a new site for the bakery and will eventually expand. They included a nice description of the company's products: "Angelic Bakehouse products use grains that are sprouted and ground to produce doughs that have no trans fats or added preservatives and use only natural sweeteners such as honey and molasses. The breads and other baked goods are high in protein and fiber and low in calories, carbohydrates, fat, sugar and sodium."

Angelic Bakehouse breads can be found in the Milwaukee area at: Balistrieri Sendik's, Sendik's Fine Foods, Outpost Natural Foods, Metro Market, Metcalfe's Sentry, Good Harvest, Health Hut, Riverwest Co-Op and Grasch Foods. Regionally, their products are available at Whole Foods and Woodman's.

Have you ever tried sprouted grain bread?


  1. So cool that you got to attend this event.
    I'm still a bit on the fence about their products. I do enjoy their burger buns but have recently switched to a Trader Joe's sprouted grain high fiber for toast.

  2. I'm so bummed I missed this! I'm sure those pizzas were amazing.

  3. We've been a big fan of this bread for years. Unfortunately we've noticed that along with the name change they've apparently changed their recipes as the bread now lists a higher calorie count and less fiber than before. Bummer!!

  4. Your new recipes have more fat, more carbs, less fiber, and less protein. I think your old recipes were healthier. Plus, I am using the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program, and now your products "cost" me more points. :O( Why the change in your recipes? Cheaper ingredients?? Wondering...