Friday, February 15, 2013

Outpost Market Cafe at Aurora Sinai Medical Center

After my medical appointment this morning, I checked out the Outpost Market Cafe at Aurora Sinai Medical Center. 

I purposely didn't bring my lunch today, because I knew I could buy it at the cafe instead. When I heard about this concept last year, I was so excited. I love the fact that healthy food is available to hospital patients, their visitors, hospital employees and to people like me who work nearby. 

The cafe offered a great selection of prepared foods, dairy, fruit, desserts, drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate to choose from.

I was in need of a mid-morning snack, so I picked up a Sweet Potato muffin. It was delicious!

I have been hoping to make more vegetarian protein packed lunches lately, so the prepared item I chose for lunch today was a perfect protein salad. I definitely could recreate this at home. I would leave the red onions and veganaise out though and make a lighter dressing. This was my first time trying wheat berries and I thought they were a great addition to this salad. 

By 4 p.m., I was still full and I ate this lunch at noon. I only ate half of my dessert too.

My favorite chocolate bar brand was on sale and I found two new flavors to try because my beloved dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds was sold out. One of the Outpost employees recommended the bar with cherries and almonds. I tried the toffee tonight and it's no almond and sea salt, but it's still tasty.

My actual dessert was a sheba bar. It tasted different at first, but the flavor grew on me.

The ingredients weren't too bad either.

The customer service I received from the two Outpost employees was excellent. I tweeted Outpost about it to share my positive experience. I will definitely be back, especially since it's not that far away from my work.

I was excited to see a tweet today with an article about a new Outpost cafe opening up at the Rite-Hite YMCA in April. Now if only they would open one at my YMCA. :)

Market Cafe at Aurora Sinai Hospital
945 N. 12th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 220-9166


  1. Love the look of that perfect protein salad! It reminds me of my favorite wheat berry salad.

  2. Makes so much sense to have healthy options at a medical center!
    I always lament that Whole Foods doesn't have little pop-ups in airports.
    Thumb's up on wheatberries. I like to add apple, raisins, walnuts, then a little ACV, cinnamon.

  3. Wow that would put a good spin on going to the doctor!

  4. OOO, that salad looks awesome!!!