Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tea Time

I have been drinking quite a bit of tea this winter. That's why it was great to be a part of the tea exchange at Karis's house last month and try out some new flavors. Here is what I tried and what I thought of the various types.

I loved the pomegranate raspberry green tea from Stash and would definitely purchase it. I usually don't gravitate towards fruity flavors of teas, but the pomegranate based flavors have changed my mind.

I realized that Karis really likes pomegranate teas! Both of these below were great. I think I like the Trader Joe's Pomegranate White Tea just a bit better though.

Abby brought this Cinnamon Tempest Tea from Trader Joe's and it was the most unique flavor I tried. Love drinking it out of my special "L" cup!

My least favorite tea was the roobios from World Market.

I tried this one from Traditional Medicinals last weekend and liked it a lot. 

Molly brought this special Twinings Royal Wedding tea to our exchange and I loved the flavor. I even saved the packaging because it felt too unique to throw away!

And finally, I tried this Trader Joe's Ginger, Pear White tea and found it to be quite tasty.

In tea news, I saw that Numi came out with savory teas, which sound disgusting to me. Carrot curry and beet cabbage--no thanks. I would drink fresh pressed juice combinations like that, but not tea.


  1. I've recently tried a few different rooibos teas and have loved them all. I was just reading about rooibos on Verduras' online menu last night, which says "Rooibos is a versatile and remarkable herb. The flavor of rooibos tea is often described as being naturally sweet (without sugar added) and slightly nutty."

  2. Ginger pear sounds delicious!
    And the Numi teas do sound ick.
    Do you drink Rishi tea? Great Milwaukee company. Blueberry rooibos is really tasty and so is the peppermint.

  3. Chick pea and tuna!! Brilliant! I've been wanting to make tuna salad recently but have been putting it off. With this newly found recipe, I'm inspired to make it tomorrow for lunch! Thanks, Lisa :)
    ~Hope Cox

  4. I absolutely love tea and having been drinking it by the cup full all winter long. Right now I'm sipping on apple spice chai and it's delicious!
    Anything from Trader Joe's is always amazing as well.