Friday, March 15, 2013

A cold and my latest blog/You Tube obsession

I haven't checked in lately. I got sick with a bad cold last Friday and I literally spent all weekend inside the house. The good news is that I read about 10-15 magazines and recycled a huge stack/saved a bunch for my mom to read. The bad news is that I got Craig sick too and he's been home for the last two days.

Workouts: I haven't been to the gym much, but I did get there for yoga class and some cardio/weights. Both felt great to do, except the sinus pain hit so badly when we did sun salutations in yoga class. Even walking on the stair stepper hurt my head and made me feel lightheaded. I am glad I didn't force myself to go when I was at my worst with this cold.

Free time: Besides that, I've just been booking hotels left and right for our European trip because my mom and I leave two months from Saturday. Eek! I feel better now that we have those plans in place.

Our cute hotel in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. I better up my workouts now because this hotel is above a cafe with all sorts of baked goods. :) I can't resist German pretzels, potatoes and hazelnut desserts in Europe.

Latest You Tube/blog obsession: I am not someone who watches a lot of videos on You Tube. I like to learn from videos posted on the internet, so I don't generally watch any for entertainment like Craig does. When I was sick, I discovered Essie Button the blog and You Tube channel. I already have a new perspective on makeup and brushes to buy (real techniques brand is what she seems to love), etc. I like that she mixes up using drugstore brands (some only available in England or on the internet) and more expensive brands.


News: I am sure you heard by now...Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st and it seems like most bloggers are already turning to using another service. I looked at feedly and bloglovin' and chose to import all of the blogs I read to bloglovin'. Follow me here. I also downloaded the bloglovin' app for my phone and I like it so far. It was really easy to import all of the blogs from Google Reader over to the new site automatically.

I hope you have a great Friday! I have to work tonight, so I am trying to make the most of my morning by being productive. 


  1. Colds suck, I'm on day 8 of mine. It's funny, I've been doing something similar this week and booking hotels for our Vermont road trip which is in mid-May. I just changed over to NewsBlur which I like so far, but I didn't check out Bloglovin', only NetVibes and Feedly as other alternatives.

  2. Well I am impressed that you got something productive done while laid up. I have such a stack of magazines myself! Sounds like you are really getting psyched for your trip--that will be soooo much fun!

  3. Hope you and Craig are feeling better. I'm at about day 2 of a cold...
    That hotel looks adorable.