Friday, April 26, 2013

This week's eats {inspired by other bloggers' purchases}

I purchased and ate a few new-to-me items this week and wanted to share my thoughts on them. After I compiled the photos for this post, I realized that all of these purchases were influenced by other bloggers purchases'.

Karis blogged about this Trader Joe's Super Spinach salad not that long ago and it looked like something I'd love, so I picked one up over the weekend. It was very yummy and something that is easy to recreate at home. I didn't love the dressing, but I am not a huge fan of ginger flavored food.

I saw these Blue Diamond Toasted Coconut almonds on a blog a couple of months ago and the author mentioned that she got them at Target. Until yesterday, I kept making my weekly Target visits, forgetting to look for these. I was so happy to find them and tried a couple when I returned home from the store. The verdict? I love the flavor, but realize that it's not something I want to purchase regularly since raw almonds are better for me in the long run. They still make a great snack to keep in my work desk drawer. 

Tina blogged about the Trader Joe's White Bean & Basil hummus and how she liked to eat it with the Savory Thin mini crackers from TJ's. I enjoyed this hummus flavor, but now I find myself getting a bit sick of it after eating it off and on all week. I paired it with some carrots today to get some veggies in my diet.

Have bloggers influenced you to buy anything new lately (food or non-food item)? I've felt like I am in a food rut recently, so I keep looking for new items to try to get myself out of this funk.


  1. I was curious about that ginger miso dressing. I'm surprised to hear that you don't like ginger...I guess we're not twins after all, ha!

  2. My middle daughter lives on Trader Joe's hummus and carrots, although her first choice is their Mediterranean. I learned about their quick cooking brown rice from Karis--aren't blogs great! (I think she should get a commission!)

  3. Wow, that spinach salad looks really good. I am going to have to try that out. I love the savory thin crackers, too. I love Trader Joe's and love how they are labeling their products gluten free!