Monday, July 1, 2013

Books I've Been Reading this Summer

What books have you been reading so far this summer? I haven't been able to sit out on our patio and lay back in a lounge chair to read, as it's been too rainy or cold most weekends (but I am sure I will be doing plenty of that when I am laid up after ankle surgery in August).

I just finished Amanda Knox's book, Waiting to be Heard, and her story always fascinated me, so it was a quick read. It was well written and interesting. I always believed she was innocent and this book convinced me that is true, which I am sure was Knox's whole goal with writing a memoir. I couldn't believe that the prosecution is actually suing her for the way they were portrayed in the book. Her story really made me question the Italian legal system.

I'm currently reading three books simultaneously. My friend Jenny and I were talking about this habit of mine at a recent dinner. She is one of my friends on Goodreads and noticed that I tend to have three or four books with the status "currently reading" next to them, which she seemed to think was bizarre. That's pretty common for me and I think I inherit that tendency from my dad. As I told her, I sometimes like to read one before bed (right now it's Cooked by Pollan) because it's a hardcover book that is signed by the author and I don't want to take it on the bus or to work to read on breaks.

I am currently taking Sarah Jio's The Last Camellia to read on the bus since it's a little lighter reading and doesn't require as much concentration. It hasn't been my favorite book by Jio. I think I have read two others by her.

During lunch, I often read a magazine or lately it's been Mark Bittman's VB6, since I usually eat lunch in relative silence and when I want to google something about nutrition on the Internet, I can do that at my desk.

While in Europe, I finished a classic book, Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. I think everyone should read that book and then reread it. Craig finished it before me and also enjoyed it and learned a lot.

After Inger told me that she enjoyed Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, I decided I would read that next. It's already waiting for me on my Kindle, so I'll start that on my mini-vacation this week.


As I have said before, I am definitely more of a non-fiction reader, so what has your favorite non-fiction book been recently?


  1. The Amanda Knox story fascinates me because I hadn't met anyone who thought she was innocent until moving back to the States. There's a dramatically different opinion about her in England!

    I downloaded Cooked on audiobook before my recent trip and while I loved hearing Michael Pollan speak in person, he put me to sleep on the plane :)

  2. I just started reading After Visiting Friends (Michael Hainey) this week. So far so good - an investigative story about his father's disappearance. It stresses me out to have multiple books going at one time :)

  3. I will often have a few books in progress at any point in time--though usually just one work of fiction. And I share your concerns about the Italian legal system after the Amanda Knox case--pretty mind-boggling. Interesting to hear Karis's comments from England--I'll have to query my daughter about anything she picked up in Scotland last year.