Friday, August 2, 2013

My Everyday Life: Week 2

Wow, this week flew by! Here's what I've been up to in my everyday life.

August is my birthday month, so the freebies are starting to arrive in the mail and e-mail! I love Kiehl's products, so I am excited to get a free lip balm if I place an order with them.

We had leftover bananas from a work program and I decided to make banana pudding with it.

It contained just three ingredients: mashed bananas, greek yogurt, and a juiced lemon.

It was tasty!

Gym time! I did cardio and weights this day. We went to yoga last night and I swear we both feel so good and stretched for days after yoga class.

On a side note, every time I take a picture of our kitchen floor, I wish we had the talent of John and Sherry from Young House Love and could rip this nasty 60's tile out.

My mom gave me some items from her garden and her neighbor's. The neighbor grew some purple potatoes, which I've never had before.

I have been washing my hair less and less and using dry shampoo and this powder to make it look fresh.

See the little bit of lift the powder gave my roots?

The purple potatoes roasted! They were delicious!

My last day riding the bus for a while. I'm driving while I'm on crutches and have the disabled parking pass.

Tea time at work! I'm trying to drink less coffee mid-morning and get back to sipping tea.

A big salad for lunch with the JS Food section.

Every post of everyday life will probably include Tanzi. His paws were too precious here not to share.

I had even more ripe bananas to use up from my own stash, so banana bread was baked! I tried a new recipe that had almonds and sugar on top.

That was my week!

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