Sunday, October 13, 2013

Europe Trip Recap: Freiburg, Germany Day 2

Monday, May 28, 2013: Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg quickly became one of my mom's favorite cities and I have to say I'd agree, I felt at home there.

We started our day out European style, with a huge breakfast at the hotel. While my mom liked the soft-boiled egg, it grossed me out a little.

The weather was gorgeous that day! We walked to a new area, the Old Town, and along the river Dreisam (which means "rapidly flowing").

We found a beer garden that we intended to visit later in the day, but we knew that rain was predicted so we never got back there. The cave like entrance was cool though!

Just past this pretty tower, mom discovered the cutest little fabric store with really neat projects and totally unique material.

The Old Town was pretty cute and quiet. It was nice to get away from the bustling city for a bit.

Back in the central part of town, we found a Farmers' Market. Mom purchased a heating pad from a vendor.

We got to the market at lunch time, which was perfect! I was so happy to see that I didn't have to miss out on the bratwurst flavor just because I preferred vegetarian food. They had tofu currywurst for sale at this stand!

It was pretty good!

Mom ordered a bratwurst with bread.

We found dessert at a Migros grocery store--Schwarzwaldkuche/Black Forest cake! We had to have it since we were in the Black Forest. It was so delicious!

I loved the different mosaics found in front of stores throughout town. They showed what type of business was currently there or was in the past. Maybe a cat meant that there was a veterinarian or pet store there?

I loved walking around the town and never really got bored with it.

We found a restaurant for dinner and Mom enjoyed asparagus soup while I had white asparagus pasta! So cool eating asparagus that was white instead of green!

I was so happy to end the day by Facetiming Craig for a while! It was great to hear his voice and see his smiling face.

The day ended with some delicious milka in a flavor I can't find back in the States!

Miles walked: 8.55

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