Saturday, October 5, 2013

Europe Trip Recap: Munich {Hofbrauhaus and the Milka Store}

Tuesday, May 21, 2013: Left Rothenburg and transferred in Steinach to take the train to Munich! This was my second time to Munich because Craig and I visited it on our honeymoon in 2009.

We found our hotel and settled in a bit before freshening up and getting ready to meet my friends Laurie and Kim at the Hofbrauhaus. My friend Laurie and her husband Todd have been living in Munich for a year now and Kim was visiting her and Europe in general. 

Mom and I took the S-Bahn and got off at the Marienplatz. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain at this point, so I tried my best to get there quickly. 

Despite having been to city before, it was my first time at the Hofbrauhaus. 

As you can see, we ordered beers (mom and I shared a dunkel/dark beer).

The cute menu! Laurie said that the Hofbrauhaus isn't known for their food, but I was starving and had to order something off the Vegetarian menu.

I got a plate of dumplings with a mushroom sauce and I actually thought it was quite delicious! I guess I lucked out with my meal.

German girls like this one were walking around with treats to purchase. I liked that the one on the bottom middle had a word similar to my maiden name, but then I found out it meant something like "hey big boy." (The word is Brummbaer). So, google translate says the word means "growler." I guess it's a word a female might use to attract a male with a growling noise? How strange. 

After we were sick of beer, we needed some chocolate, like this huge Toblerone bar! I did not purchase this, but it was fun to hold!

We found the chocolate at Milka World (Milka Welt). I am a bit obsessed with Milka, so this is otherwise known as heaven on earth to me.

I purchased some chocolate to eat on our trip and left there a happy tourist!

We parted ways with Laurie and Kim and explored the Marienplatz a bit more on our own. 

The Frauenkirche seems to always be closed for construction when I am in Munich! I'll get there someday, perhaps if I go back for Oktoberfest sometime.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at an Aldi. My mom loves Aldi, so she was happy to see what a German Aldi was like. I found this huge bag of Haribo gummies and had to purchase them. I had never seen this kind at home and I loved the flavors and texture.

We stayed at the Rilano hotel, not far from the train station. It wasn't in the best neighborhood (lots of strip clubs everywhere).

Despite the bad neighborhood, our room was cozy, but clean and nice.

Later that night, I was happy to Skype with Craig and he told me a story about waking up in the middle of the night because Tanzi accidentally turned on our TV with the remote! Then, we also Facetimed with my dad and told him about our day!

The next day, we were headed to Salzburg, so we got ready for that and went to bed early.

Miles walked: 7

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  1. As far as shopping goes, this day would have been my jam: Milka and Aldi? How cool are we? ;) Looks like a great time. I'm loving your trip photos and DYING to go to Germany myself someday.