Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Everyday Life: kiwi berries, football, and setbacks

Here's what this past week looked like!

For those of you curious about the kiwi berries, I love them! They taste like kiwis and are much easier to just chop up and add to yogurt or eat alone. Craig really wanted to try them and I think he ate three all week. I've been left trying to finish them up and they're getting wrinkly now at this point, so I think I need to add them to a smoothie tomorrow morning.

Tanzi had a lovely fort setup in our living room over the weekend. He enjoyed hiding and playing in it.

I made a banana walnut bread to munch on at work as a snack all week. It turned out pretty good.

I started out my week really consistent with exercise and hitting the gym, which felt great. Then the nasty, cold damp weather hit and my ankle hurt.

I went to physical therapy on Wednesday and my therapist had me do a normal squat. All of a sudden, a really sharp pain shot through the inside of my ankle. After that, I felt a little down regarding my progress. I likely have tendonitis and it could the be from the way I have been compensating on my ankle. I'm just resting more now, stretching and wearing my ankle brace and arch supports, if needed.

I was talking to my sister about the setback yesterday and the same thing happened to her after Brostrom ankle surgery. That made me feel much better. It was at about the same point I am at too--feeling pretty healed and well and then all of a sudden, it felt like knives were stabbing her foot.

Oh and those are some of my favorite workout pants--Zella Live in Leggings from Nordstrom.

I'm reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." It has been a timely book to read before bed. I liked the quote below and have found it quite applicable lately.

A pretty sky on my way to work. Driving through 'Stallis.

Trying on clothes from Stitch Fix. I ended up keeping this top and sending everything else back.

I loved these Kensie skinny jeans I received in my Stitch Fix, but they got returned. I'm going to look for another brand that my niece recommended. They were so cute with boots though! I didn't think I was a skinny jeans type of girl, but they were comfy and my legs looked skinnier in them compared to the jeans I have been wearing lately.

Vegetarian chili and marble rye bread at my parents' house! My sister Laurie was in town from Minnesota, so it was a treat to have dinner with her and my parents. We were giggling at my mom and dad, just like two little kids would do. 

After dinner, we drove out to UW-Whitewater to watch Laurie's son play football for UW-Eau Claire, where Laurie and I also went to college. Go Blugolds!

My nephew got to play quite a bit, but the team got killed 45-0.

I brought a package out to the mailman when he arrived and then he told me he had four packages for me in return! Whoa, happy mail day! These are all things I am reviewing and/or giving away on the blog soon thanks to and Energy Bits.

I had a long list of errands to run in Brookfield this afternoon, so I needed this pick me up. It was tasty!

After errands, I met my mom to watch my nephew Nathan play soccer. 

Nathan's brother (and my godson), Owen, was nowhere to be found when we arrived. He was hunting for cicada shells in the trees. Gross. I had him show them to me and he said, "I knew you would think they were gross Aunt Lisa!" Disgusting really. Oh, boys are so different than girls.

Nathan proud at the end of the game! He scored a goal and his team won against a really difficult team. I really miss playing soccer myself. It was one of my favorite sports at Nathan's age.

I wouldn't say last week was bad, but there were some irritating things that happened and they have me thinking I need a change soon. I hope one is coming in a certain area of my life. I need to keep living well and if a change doesn't happen, I don't feel like I can. There, I poured my heart out as much as I can about that topic without saying anything else on the blog.


  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle setback! That fort for Tanzi looks fun. Do you have a cat (or kid) tunnel? We brought our kid tunnel out before we left for Vegas and the boys have been sleeping in it ever since. It's funny how old toys can become new again :)

  2. What would we do without smoothies! (Now I'm going to need to try some kiwi berries.)

    Hope your ankle setback is short-lived...