Friday, October 25, 2013

My Everyday Life

Here's what this past week looked like!

Tanzi watching birds outside our window.

I need as many probiotics in my diet as possible, so I took a picture of this Runner's World article to remind me of what to buy at the store. I bought sauerkraut this week. I could eat that stuff every day and never get sick of it. I think I want to try kimchi next and Trader Joe's sells it, so I'll pick it up there.

Walking the track at the Y.

At the gym on Sunday afternoon. I uploaded this shot to instagram and my friend Laurie noticed that the gym was empty and then said "there must be a Packer game." Sad thing is, I didn't even know what time it started and I just figured there weren't a lot of people at the gym because it was Sunday.

I have grown to love Martha's Cooking School show on PBS. I think Craig secretly likes it too.

A big smile after a dentist visit. I went to a new dentist and I really like him. He's a perfectionist and I can appreciate that, especially because he got my teeth to look more white again by buffing out some old fillings on my front top teeth.

Craig sent me this quiz on "Which State Matches Your Personality." He got Colorado and I was right next door with New Mexico. I told him that was because I watched too much Breaking Bad lately. Apparently, Wisconsin is the most extroverted state. I have noticed that people seem "friendlier" in the Midwest.

On my way to pick up something at the Central Milwaukee Public Library before heading to work.

Challenging my balance by using a balance disc at the gym.

 Wearing a green ribbon at work to support something (that I don't want to share on the blog).

"Working" on something at Dunkin' Donuts on Friday morning. I took off of work so I could catch up on some stuff. I just went to Dunkin' for a free cup of coffee, not for the donuts. I decided I really don't love donuts.

We tore apart the garden on Friday night and were left with this mess. So sad that cooler temps are here to stay.


  1. In regard to probiotics, have you ever made homemade sauerkraut? My dad did for the first time this summer and said it was easy to do. He's a huge sauerkraut fan and was a first-time CSA member with a lot of cabbage :) Oh one more probiotic comment, I'm so glad Chris' friend turned me onto kefir, I love it!

    Chris and I used to purposely go to the Y during Packers games, I loved being able to easily move among the weights. People love their Dolphins here, but it's so densely populated that football games don't make a difference in how crowded places are.

    I love Martha's Cooking School! I need to search my PBS station as I haven't seen an episode in a long time. Now that I have cable, I've tried out all sorts of cooking shows on The Food Network and there's only one I like as much as Martha, which is Barefoot Contessa.

  2. I love sauerkraut and yogurt and kefir--I have done both milk and water kefir. My first attempt at making sauerkraut failed. Must try again because I can't think of a better use for my CSA cabbage either.