Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Everyday Life: October 26-November 2

Here's what this past week looked like!

Sun shining in on our plants. This was one of the only sunny days we experienced this week.

I went for a walk around our neighborhood after work one day and listened to a great podcast on libraries. Ironically, Craig and I went to a program at a library later that night.

Reading a NYTimes article on Jack the Ripper tours in London (I've always been intrigued by the mystery) and eating pumpkin pie. All thanks to my kind co-worker, Richard. 

Since the house and workplace are all closed up now, my allergies have been pretty bad. Luckily, I got some free samples from the allergist at an appointment. I got into another clinical research study and it lasts a whole year, but I get free medicine and my allergies will be tracked with a diary. 

Craig and I went to see Gravity on Sunday. I was just in the mood for a movie and so was he, so we went to a matinee. We both enjoyed it!

Not the best picture, but it was taken after a haircut. I needed one badly--it had been 5 months since my last one, but I am growing out my hair for Locks of Love, so I don't want regular trims.

Taken after a crappy day. I walked out to my car to find this, which made me laugh.

Tanzi photo of the week. 

Not the best iPhone photo, but worth including because the dessert was delicious. It was a Door County cherry bread pudding with vanilla gelato. If you go to Crazy Water, definitely get dessert!

Kale salad at Crazy Water. Dinner there was with the blogger ladies.

One of my favorite magazines, found at the Muskego Library.

Pretty fall colors on a walk in downtown Milwaukee.

I had to get my car fixed at a mechanic in Oak Creek, so it was the perfect excuse to go to Woodman's after. I forgot how much I love Woodman's. I don't always love grocery shopping, but I enjoy going to Woodman's, Trader Joe's, Outpost and Whole Foods quite a bit.

The bagger asked me what tofu tastes like. It's so hard to describe to people, but I emphasized that pressing out the excess water and cooking it in a sauce you'll like is key to getting it to taste great.

Since I shopped at around noon, I was hungry for lunch, but wanted to wait to eat until I got home. I snacked on my favorite candy in the car.

Last week wasn't the best for me, so I am looking forward to this week. I have a lot of stuff to get done after work every night though, so I have to stay dedicated to this "project" I am working on because the deadline for it comes up a week from Monday. Eek! I am super nervous, but trying to stay positive about it all.


  1. My hair is going the opposite direction. I've had two cuts since moving to Miami and the word trim apparently means several inches in Spanglish. No long earrings for me anymore :( On the bright side, it's still hot as heck here, so my super short hair is good for that.

  2. You're going to do great! That's a great thing you're doing, growing out your hair. I love all your pictures. I hope it's been a better week for you.

  3. Love your fall color picture--I could do with some more sun myself. Have a really good week next week!

  4. The food makes me feel hungry :-) I could really go for some pumpkin pie! I wonder if that is what that bird ate... the one who turned your car window into a Picasso painting...