Monday, November 25, 2013

What a great weekend!

This weekend was fantastic! How was yours? Mine combined all of the things I love crammed into two days. Plus, I am super happy to be going into a three day work week!

Saturday started out with brunch with the New Berlin girls (as we call ourselves) on Saturday morning. We met at the Pancake House on Downer. I ordered an Apple Crepe and it was delicious!

I sported curls, courtesy of the curling iron I own and don't use enough.

After brunch, I went to Whole Foods, since I was in the area and rarely get to grocery shop there. It was insanely busy because people were shopping for Thanksgiving. I simply wanted to get some veggies and almond milk! I'll have to go back there soon on a lunch break to browse a little more and enjoy their hot foods bar.

    On my way out of downtown, I spotted the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile near my workplace. :)    
    Always a fun thing to see randomly!

Later that afternoon, I had an amazing spa treatment at a local beauty school. It was my treat for passing the NASM test.

I had a Caribbean therapy body treatment that used Aveda's line of products with the same name. The only hiccup was when my esthetician asked if I had worn or brought my swimsuit. Eek, no one told me I needed one! I had to run home to get my suit on. The treatment involved exfoliation, a warm detoxifying mask, followed by being wrapped up like a mummy, a Vichy shower (totally weird), and then cleanser massaged into my skin and a scalp massage. After, I had to shower off all of the lovely green products on my skin and my esthetician massaged me with some fabulous smelling lotion. What a great treatment to have during the cooler months! My skin feels so soft now!

On Saturday night, Craig and I headed out to Brookfield to have dinner at Cooper's Hawk. There was a very long wait to get in (as seems usual for that place) and we browsed the mall for an hour to kill some time. I randomly ran into my friend Danielle in a store and caught up with her!

Dinner was wonderful--we both ordered gnocchi and I had some rhubarb wine with my dinner. Please excuse the grainy iPhone photos.

My meal featured artichokes, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and kalamata olives in a lovely tomato sauce.

Craig had a gnocchi with pancetta, chicken, and peas in a garlic sauce. He really enjoyed his dish too.

On Sunday, I woke up to watch the food issue of CBS Sunday Morning and the topic got me excited, of course! My favorite story talked about marketing fresh fruits and veggies vs. junk food. I'm definitely more interested in the nutrition and psychological side of food consumption than learning about chefs.

Craig and I went to the gym mid-morning and then to Catching Fire in the late afternoon. Did you see it over the weekend? It was good! The 2.5 hours at the theater just flew by!

The only weird thing that happened this weekend was to my poor little 10 year old nephew. He got his finger stuck in a van door and the tip of it tore off, so he had to have surgery to sew it back on. So crazy! I hope the little guy recovers quickly and that his finger is ok in the end.

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  1. Congrats on passing your NASM exam!
    OUCH to your poor little nephew, that sounds horrible :(