Monday, January 13, 2014

Nutrition Classes through Coursera

Part of living well includes staying informed about the latest trends in health. I typically read at least five-eight news stories a day about health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, etc.

I love nutrition, so I am taking a free online course through Coursera and it starts on Monday, January 20th. I just received my first assignment today (which includes tracking my food for three days this week--I'm using MyFitnessPal to accomplish that task) and I am so excited to begin the class! The committment is only 2-4 hours a week, so I encourage others to fit in their busy schedules and join me in taking the course. 

Here's a link to the course! 

Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights
This seven week course will explore nutrition concepts that take center stage in mainstream media outlets and become conversation topics among consumers interested in food choice as it relates to optimal health and physical performance.
Separate fact from fiction and fads as you learn about core nutrition concepts and how to evaluate not only personal food choices and overall dietary patterns, but nutrition related content in the media and in advertising. Such topics include fundamentals of a healthful eating pattern, nutrition labeling, dietary supplements, fortified and “super” foods, plant-based nutrition, and nutrition and fitness. The course will also include an overview of nutrition fundamentals as they relate to human health.

·         Analyze and evaluate your own food and beverage intake using a recommended online or cell phone app nutrient database.
·         Research of a dietary supplement of your choosing using credible informational websites as well as evidence-based medical literature.
·         Personally examine the concept of energy balance through determination of your calorie needs, intake and expenditure.

During this course you will have the opportunity to:

Week One: Just What is a Healthy Diet? A Balancing Act
Week Two: Nutrition Labeling: Facts, Claims, and Challenges
Week Three: Dietary Supplements: Evaluating the Evidence
Week Four: Functional and “Super” Foods: Their Role in Optimal Nutrition
Week Five: Plant-based Nutrition: Controversies and Considerations
Week Six: Nutrition and Fitness: Facts, Food, and Fuel
Week Seven:  Food Allergies and Intolerances:  Separating Fact from Fiction

The other Coursera class I am taking begins in February and here's the link for that. It's called "Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention." This course covers the basics of normal nutrition for optimal health outcomes and evidence-based diets for a variety of diseases.

Both classes offer certificates, which requires a very small fee. 

I'll try to blog about my experience with the classes and share some of what I learned, if the teacher allows us to do that. 

Let me know if you sign up!


  1. This sounds awesome, I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Let us know how your classes go! I have been learning how to cook gourmet vegetarian meals and I must say, it is easier than I thought. The key component is the quality of the ingredients. Now I buy my gourmet foods online and mix that with vegetables from my garden. You are what you eat, so eat right!

  3. I am sooo spoiled having a sister who is a Registered Dietitian!