Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: Indoor Workouts

I have felt a bit sedentary this winter (who hasn't?), but I am trying to turn that around. Like most people, I don't want to venture out to the gym in below zero temperatures, so I opt to workout at home instead, which never feels quite the same as going to the gym or enjoying a workout outdoors. But, I am proud that I have elevated my heart rate on a number of occasions, thanks to these tools and workout DVDs.

I checked the Happy Herbivore Light & Lean book out from the library recently and love that Lindsay has workouts at the back of the book. I used the book to mix up my routine on Tuesday and enjoyed the workouts very much. I think I might actually purchase the book since the recipes look great as well.

Besides dancing to a Cardio Pandora station in my living room, I did some tricep dips off the couch, some burpees, a plank and some ab moves I learned while in physical therapy.

My colleague just got an iPhone and we have been sharing apps we love. I recommended the Nike Training Club app to her and she told me about one I hadn't heard of before, called Jefit, and it's great for visual learners! It also has routines you can follow. 

The third tool I use is youtube videos. There are so many fitness channels to subscribe to.

What motivates you to workout at home?


  1. I've been curious about the Happy Herbivore cookbook! Glad to see you like it, I might have to check it out from the library now : )

  2. I so need to put together an at home workout. I'd like to be able to focus on fixing some things that I need more work on than I get in my ballet classes. My middle daughter just did some type of online access purchase of a Pilates class. She said she doesn't need to worry about losing the DVD then ;-)