Saturday, February 22, 2014

Palermo's Pizza Tour

Craig and I started out our Saturday morning with a Palermo's pizza tour in the Menomonee Valley. I had purchased a Groupon for it a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be a fun thing to keep secret until we actually arrived at the tour. 

Since I booked the tour for a Saturday vs. during the week, I knew production would actually be shut down, but we still got to see the production area from above. We started out with a fifteen minute introduction to the family, the history of the company and their community involvement. 

Back at the restaurant area after the brief tour, we enjoyed the pizza selections I pre-ordered--cheese for me and sausage for Craig.

Chef Arturo provided a cooking demonstration, which involved talking about the wood-burning stove and making us fresh original pizza. The first pizza actually had no cheese or tomatoes on it--it was just dough with olive oil, garlic and herbs. The one we tried today and tomato sauce with just garlic and sea salt. 

We both received t-shirts as souvenirs. Mine says "Keep Calm Eat Pizza" and Craig's says "Honorary Italian." The tour also included some coupons for frozen pizza and then 20% off anything in the shop, so Craig got a pepperoni pizza to take home.

It was a fun tour and we enjoyed doing something different!

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