Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend photos

This weekend flew by! Maybe that's because I spent a lot of my free time napping on the couch. That has to end in the future.

On Friday, I made Craig a Valentine's Day card and had the kitties "kiss" it. I also made some brownies as a surprise and we had that for dessert with some ice cream and caramel sauce.

Shiva found a gross bug and was freaking out. Pema had no clue what was going on.

We headed to brunch at Wolf Peach on Saturday morning, to celebrate Valentine's day after the crazy restaurant rush.

I ordered the mascarpone stuffed french toast with vegan sausage. Craig had the smashburger.

The views of Milwaukee from the restaurant were gorgeous, as always.

We liked the building across the street and peeked inside on our way back to the car.

This really cool cash register impressed us.

Someone was working on restoring the building, so I hope it turns into a new restaurant or bar.

The kitties enjoyed the sunshine together.

Shiva tends to sit in funny places on us. He sat on Craig's shoulder today. He likes to be really close to my face and snuggle it.

Besides napping, I got some cleaning done, plus a little reading of this book, which features some nice behind the scenes stories so far.


  1. Our cats love bugs--gross or not. If you can't get mice, I guess (which thankfully they haven't lately)... BTW, I reserved the You Can Buy Happiness Book and had my husband stop by the library for it--he said I'll get it when he's done now.

  2. We ate at Wolf Peach on Sunday morning. Love that place. I waivered on that mascarpone stuffed French toast but got the chix and waffles instead. Want to get there for dinner sometime. See you later this week!