Monday, March 10, 2014

At last, sunshine and warmer temps

How perfect that the 55 degree weather we had today in Southeastern Wisconsin just so happened to coincide with my day off! I spent all day yesterday resting and doing things like dishes and laundry, so it felt good to get out of the house today. I was exhausted after two straight days of coordinating a big program at work. I walked 15 miles in two days.

I started out my day by investing some money for 2013's IRA before we do our taxes. Glad that's done!

Then I had to do some not so fun stuff like e-mail the veterinarian more photographs of Shiva's paw. I won't get into the details of what happened, but let's just say that we already spent quite a bit of money at the vet last week and then over the weekend, Shiva's paw developed a bad abscess. The vet called me and confirmed it was likely an infection, like we thought, and that we needed to pick up some antibiotics later in the day.

I got myself organized and then out the door to Wauwatosa. I started out by returning some things at the Tosa Library, which I don't think I have been to since I was a kid. I enjoyed looking around at the books and then reading Health magazine in the sunshine. I already have tried three of the apps mentioned in this Health article, but I am excited to possibly download the Yoga Studio one for $2.99.

My maternal grandparents' grave is near the library, so I went there after to clear off their stone and pay my respects. Turns out the 26th anniversary of my grandpa's death was yesterday, so it was timely to go.

Afterwards, I ended up at Mayfair Mall for lunch at Panera and to use a few coupons up. Since it was not packed at Sephora like it is on the weekends, I decided to get my "Color IQ" matched! I'm a 5Y04. I think that translates to pretty fair in nature with a yellow tone. The color recommendation also comes with types of foundations and mine are listed below.

The foundation I purchased did not end up on my list, but the guy who helped me said that this is the foundation he uses on all brides and people who are getting photographed. I hope it's great because I have been struggling in the foundation department lately.

Oh and I saved $10 on this foundation by using a Sephora gift card I was rewarded through Shopkick (my new favorite app).

Since I worked so hard over the weekend, I treated myself to some frozen yogurt at Yo Mama. I'm boring and got my favorite--cake batter with rainbow mochi and raspberries on top.

I loved driving with my windows open and watching the ugly snow melt!

After a trip to Outpost for some greens, pears and soy hazelnut coffee creamer, I had to pick up Shiva's antibiotics. Shiva is a rockstar and he's expensive like one too. Why must we always have sick cats?!

Other than that, I just went to the gym and prepped my food for the week. Time to go boil some eggs and paint my nails!

Hooray for a four day workweek! I hope it flies by!

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  1. Wasn't Monday amazing! I had our older kitty at the vet Friday with infected lips--hopefully they are both feeling better soon.