Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Margaritas cure the blues

Yesterday was just one of those days. Something unexpected happened at work, I felt like I was getting a cold and then I had meetings all afternoon. I was ready for some much needed margaritas with Craig after work. We never seem to go out to eat during the week, but it was something nice to look forward to and do together.

I decided to try something new and go with a melon flavored margarita, which Craig and I both loved. I would definitely order that again!

El Beso's drinks always make us feel happy and silly. I tend to start speaking Spanish. Craig smiles quite a lot. I also felt like the drink numbed my whole body, which is what I needed after feeling very achy on my drive home from work.

We came home to watch Bates Motel, a show that continues to be unexpectedly good and intriguing. You can watch it via the A&E app like we do!

I picked up a new book at the library yesterday, which made my day a little more pleasant! It was recommended by another blogger, Sarah at dailynibbles. Technically, it's a teen novel, which I rarely read, but it should be a nice break from the more serious non-fiction books I gravitate towards.

Thanks to the aforementioned cold that is making me feel miserable, I am at home sick today. I am hoping to rest up and read a little, if I have the energy to do so. Oh and I have a lot of photos and stories to add to the cat blog, so there's that too.

Hope you're having a great day!


  1. I downloaded Eleanor & Park but haven't started it yet. I read Fangirl first because I heard that was better and I LOVED Fangirl, so I'm hoping I'll love Eleanor & Park too.

  2. I have Eleanor & Park on my library hold list, I can't wait. And yes, margaritas are a cure all. I love a good mango one!

  3. I usually do margaritas just as a summer beverage, but maybe I'll need to rethink that...