Friday, April 11, 2014

Five Things Friday

It's been a long time since I did a Five Things Friday post. I think my gratitude journal is helping me keep better track of things I am thankful for lately!

1. Blog: I recently finished reading the book "How to Be Danish." My great-grandmother was Danish and their country fascinates me (mostly because of the happiness lists they appear on). While the book itself wasn't as good as I expected it to be, a cool blog was mentioned in it. It's called Cycle Chic and features photos of very stylish and pretty people biking in Copenhagen. I fantasize about being able to bike to work in stylish clothes and still look good once I get there.

2. Pampering: I got my haircut last week and while I am growing it out, I really need it cut more regularly to get the "bulk" out.

I am having a massage this morning before going into work later in the day. I have been really sore from my workouts this week, so I am sure the massage will feel great.

3. Song: Wild Cub's Thunder Clatter.

4. Beauty product: Hope in a Jar foundation from philosophy. The Makeup Forever foundation I purchased last month is going back to Sephora (thank god for such a great return policy). The Hope in a Jar one suits my coloring and skin type so much better.

5. Exercise: While I've been loving the gym again lately, I truly enjoy exercising outdoors. I especially love lunch time walks and strolls around the neighborhood with Craig.


  1. Love the downtown photos. Hopefully it gets spring-like again soon!

  2. Got my haircut in Madison this past weekend and the stylist said the same thing about the importance of regular trims to get the bulk you can imagine getting trims to my already crazy short hair scares me.