Sunday, May 25, 2014

Aztalan and Water House Bistro, Lake Mills

It's been a busy holiday weekend for us! Yesterday, we went to Aztalan State Park and Lake Mills. Both of us had never been to the park and the city, so it was fun to check out someplace new!
We hiked around most of the park. Aztalan is the site where an ancient Mississippian culture lived from the 10th through the 13th centuries. They were known for their mounds, which likely did not serve as burial sites.

We were there around lunch time, so I had my heart set on eating at Water House Bistro in downtown Lake Mills. Craig chose fast food instead. Water House was featured on Wisconsin Foodie recently too!

Craig normally doesn't drink iced tea or tea of any kind, but he loved this drink as much as I did! I want to find this in the store and buy more for a refreshing summer drink to keep in the refrigerator (they're available locally at Whole Foods and Woodman's).

I ordered a hummus wrap, which had garlic hummus, avocado, Hook's cheddar, and fresh vegetables in a whole wheat tortilla. It was very delicious!

One of the reasons I wanted to eat at Water House was because they support local farmers and suppliers! Check out this huge list.

They also sold so many local products (including Oskri bars, which I love).

I wanted something sweet after my meal, so I bought a cherry scone. It was one of the best scones I have ever had. So moist and tasty!

I wish we lived closer to Water House, because I know I would love to hang out there, sip coffee and read (while eating another scone, of course). 

My cousin Lynn lives in Lake Mills and her and her husband run two businesses there. She saw we were at Aztalan and messaged me via Facebook to let me know she was working at her store that day, so we stopped by to say hi and visit! It was really nice to connect with a family member who I don't get to see that often and I know she felt the same way.


  1. So glad you wrote this post! I'm going to Lake Mills next weekend for my Triathlon, I'm definitely going to Water House after my race!

  2. Love the look of the iced tea, hope I can find it here! I was disappointed in my visit to Water House, so if I'm ever in the area again I should give it another try.