Sunday, June 29, 2014

Up North: Shawano, Peshtigo and Menominee, MI

We spent Thursday night to Sunday morning up north, at Craig's family cottage in Shawano. On Friday, we took a day trip to Peshtigo, Marinette, and Menominee, Michigan.

We started seeing these signs on our drive into Shawano, which made us laugh every time. There is a legitimate guy running for Sheriff whose last name happens to be Bieber. I think candidate Bieber should have made better light of his famous last name on his signs. 

It was raining on Friday morning, so we ran into town for some breakfast and to Walmart after. I was happy to find a product I was sent a coupon for to review through Influenster and had no luck finding near us. It's the Freeman Beauty Spa moisturizing massage cream and I really like the product so far. 

After the rain cleared, we started out on our little day trip. We started in Oconto, at Copper Culture State Park's museum (pictured below top left). I had heard about the park on Wisconsin Public Radio recently. We got a little tour from a very inexperienced museum educator and then were on our way to Peshtigo.

My dad lived in Peshtigo for 6 years and his family owned a store in town. Craig had never been there, so I wanted to check it out with him. There wasn't much left to see and no family members there to visit anymore, so we ended up at the Peshtigo Fire museum.
We got a little tour and the lady who gave it to us ended up knowing my Aunt and where my grandparents' store was located.

After visiting my grandparents' and Uncle & Aunt's graves on the way to Marinette, we went through town and right to Menominee, Michigan.

We saw some kids eating ice cream as we walked along the pier, so that sold us on finding our own waffle cones. I got chocolate peanut butter in a homemade cone! Yummy!

On Saturday morning, we drove over to Shawano beach. I completed a pretty good workout that consisted of running through a campground, walking a lot and using a park bench to do step ups, tricep dips and push ups. 

The beach was fun to walk and run along multiple times. Such beautiful views!

After showering, I had to quickly get ready so we could make it into town to get to the farmers' market by noon!

We've been before and their selection is ok. I didn't buy any produce, just a strawberry bubble tea (with no bubbles, meh) and some spring rolls.

It was Craig's first time trying bubble tea and while it didn't really taste like the ones I had in California, it was still good. I loved the spring rolls and vow to make them at home more often.

Craig spotted a Little Free Library near the market. I'm a tad obsessed with them and loved the design of this one. It is a quilt barn, which is commonly spotted up north.

The rest of the day, we just lounged around Craig's family's cottage, read books, watched TV and sat outside a little bit.

I was growing disinterested with one of the books I brought, so I started reading The Sweet Life in Paris by David Leibovitz and I'm really enjoying it so far.

While I enjoyed getting away from home for a little bit and doing something different, I really missed the kitties. I couldn't wait to get home and snuggle them again. We lounged around all Sunday afternoon and they couldn't seem to get enough of my love!

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  1. I can totally relate. I'm much more relaxed on vacation if Chris isn't with me because then I know the boys are being well taken care of back at home. A pet sitter just isn't the same.