Sunday, July 20, 2014

Does your food contain carrageenan?

I wanted to share information and build awareness about an ingredient found in so many foods! I get really frustrated and angry when I look at ingredients on products at the store and see carrageenan on the list. It's in many dairy products and I guarantee you're going to notice it in ice cream, non-dairy milks, creamers and more next time you go shopping.

The first question I asked when I learned about it a year ago was, "why is it so bad for you?" It has no nutritional value and it causes gastrointestinal inflammation. I already have dealt with a lot of gastrointestinal issues in my lifetime and I don't need something else contributing to it.

Naturally, the next question I asked was, "what is it?" It's an ingredient extracted from red edible seaweeds. It's used because of its stabilizing, thickening, and gelling properties.

I recently found it in the protein drink I like and was disappointed, as I'll never buy that brand again.

Some products I use that don't have carrageenan include: Trader Joe's refrigerated Almond milk, Stonyfield Ice Cream, Lifeway Kefir, Westsoy milk, So Delicious Coconut milk (certain types don't have it) and Eden Soy milk.

Here are some resources to share:
The best one I have found is this one from the Cornucopia Institute
Prevention magazine article on it
Dr. Weil article
I've already signed the petition being sent to the FDA, but I encourage you do the same

What ingredients do you try to avoid in foods? I naturally stay away from high fructose corn syrup and now carrageenan.


  1. I was telling my husband to look for this when I needed to make whipped cream and he was having a hard time. I think it is heavy cream that is sometimes straight cream (vs whipping cream but I get this confused)--and plain cream works great--no need to adulterate it.

  2. WOW, definitely did not know this, so useful, and I definitely learned something new today :)