Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Garden Update 2014

Our garden is doing really well this year! We have a much smaller container garden than in the past, but the size is manageable and provides enough veggies for a household of two.

We've got six tomato plants and one pepper. Craig tried to plant carrots and lettuce from seeds, but they didn't take. I think a naughty squirrel had something to do with that, because we saw him digging in that pot one day.

We're finally getting some ripe cherry tomatoes. We can't store them on the kitchen counter because the kittens think they're toys for them to play with. I've found a few on the living room carpet in the morning. 

I love roma tomatoes, so I am glad they're looking good so far.

Craig picked a green pepper last week. I prefer the peppers to stay on the plant and turn red, but then they weigh the plant down and take up room.

I'm glad our garden is doing really well this year, despite the cooler temperatures in Southeast Wisconsin.

If you garden, how are your plants doing? What is your favorite thing you planted?


  1. We tried beans for the first time this year, and they are coming in stupendously.

  2. I miss gardening especially having easy access to fresh herbs.