Friday, August 1, 2014

Photo dump

With my new crazy schedule, I have a feeling I might be sharing photos of my life this way more often than I used to. Here's a photo dump of my life over the last week and a half.

Pema being his usually silly self.

Milwaukee food blogger dinner at Lazy Susan! The food was delicious!

Thanks to Karis for taking the picture!

My first time at Honeypie, and I didn't feel like ordering dessert! I did try a bite of Karis's pistachio pie and it was delicious! 

I didn't shy away from dessert at Kopps later in the week because they had German Apple Streusel flavor for German Fest weekend. I missed getting the Bienenstichkuchen flavor because I was in Minnesota.

Grilled cheese for me and a fish sandwich for Craig.

My first visit to the North Prairie Little Free library with my parents. I picked up this book for my nephews, mostly because it had a cat on the cover, but also because I knew kids were into these books these days.

Last Saturday morning, my mom and I stopped in Eau Claire on our way to Minnesota. It had been a while since I visited my alma mater! 

There were two new gorgeous buildings on campus. I am jealous because I didn't get to experience them as a student. Luckily, my nephew gets to in his last year of school there.

My sisters, niece, mom and I at my niece's bridal shower.

My niece is a total cat lady like me, so I was happy to meet her two babies! Here's my nephew Cody with Stella.

And Kelli with Stella. Runty hides from new people.

Before our long drive back, I convinced my mom to go on a short 20 minute walk around my sister's neighborhood. My mom spotted this guy near a tree and he came to me right away once I made some noises at him! He kept walking down the street with me and even ran at one point.

My first night at my new, second job! I was pretty nervous. I'm not going to lie--I felt really overwhelmed, emotional, and had a huge headache after I had lots of new information thrown at me. It got easier as the week went on.

After I got back from work each night, Craig and I would take a walk and talk about our days. It was a great way to de-stress and move. I liked this tree growing out of the sidewalk.

I also loved this humongous mushroom growing on a tree.

That's it! I am really looking forward to some free time this weekend. I'm hoping to make it to the Tosa Farmers' Market on Saturday morning, then to buy my uniform top, read books and magazines and get ready for another busy week.

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