Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Recap: Attempt at Oil Pulling, Parade of Homes, Bridal Shower

Did you enjoy your weekend? Ours was jam-packed and I am looking forward to five days off at the end of this week! I took a couple of vacation days to extend my long birthday/Labor Day weekend.

I have been dealing with lots of sinus based allergies lately and wanted to try oil pulling for various reasons. I finally got the coconut oil out on Saturday morning to brave the process. I tried it two times, gagging both times and spitting it out after two minutes. I know this sounds crazy, but it seemed to even make my mouth feel different after that tiny bit of time. I want to try it again, maybe with sesame or olive oil.

Mid-morning, we drove out to Pewaukee to the Parade of Homes. I didn't love this set as much as the Lisbon ones, but I did find a few houses that were unique and featured cool things.

This is definitely going in our laundry room someday.

This craftsman style home was the most unique one we saw and despite lots of wood vs. white trim, I loved it. It felt warm, full of storage options, and worth the money. I also loved the master bedroom suite layout. The bathroom was at the front of the house, separated by the closets and then the Master Bedroom at the back of the house. 

The Master Bedroom is pictured below. I loved the white trim on this side of the house, making the bedroom area feel relaxing and spa like.

A very Frank Lloyd Wright door. I've always liked his architecture and that he was from Wisconsin.

 Craig loved this bookshelf but realized I'd probably fill it with a bunch of "junk!"

We ran into Craig's cousin and her boyfriend in a house and she came and found me to say that we'd love the feature in the laundry room. Pretty fun, huh?

I enjoyed seeing the interior design features in the houses too. I feel like I really like the styles right now and should buy towels, pillows, bedspreads, etc. now before we move to a new house because otherwise I won't like anything when we move!

We ran errands in Brookfield after our house touring and then I crashed on the couch when we got home.

I finally got up and went to the YMCA to cancel our membership, sign up for a free Personal Training session (to secret shop and learn some things) and then hit the sauna, pool and the whirlpool. I messed up my knee in Barre class on Monday and I figured swimming would be good for it. I was right!

On Sunday morning, I did some housework and listened to Ed Sheeran's Sing to energize myself. Shiva also enjoyed the video and was mesmerized by the music.

After mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors, I got ready to attend my friend Kim's bridal shower downtown. Here are the lovely friends I went to high school with and Kelly's daughter!

My friend Jenny's condo complex had a cute Little Free Library outside, so I picked up an Agatha Christie book. I have never read her books before but I love mysteries and so does my mom. 

I had to park along the river because Mexican Fiesta was going on in the same area as the Bridal Shower. Luckily, the long walk offered beautiful views of Milwaukee. I had no clue this paved trail existed and linked up with Lakeshore Park, so I've convinced Craig we need to go biking along there next weekend.

Have a great week!

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