Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Recap: Tosa Farmers Market, Cafe Bavaria and Lucy

We had a great weekend filled with lots of fun activities! 

On Saturday morning, we headed to Wauwatosa. Craig dropped me off at the farmers market and within a minute of being there, I ran into my co-worker. I walked around the market with him and checked out the "makers" side of the market, which featured local crafters.

I purchased an Iced Coffee from Hawthorne Coffee Roasters. They're pretty new to the coffee scene and based in West Allis.

After listening to some music and checking out every booth, I settled on getting some corn on the cob. There was a great selection of vendors and I'l definitely be back to the Tosa Farmers market in the near future!

Craig picked me up and we went to my co-workers' house to check out his wonderful garden and snagged some green beans to bring home!

Next, we headed to Brookfield to check out the uniform shirts I have to buy for my new "parallel" career (as my colleague was calling it). I was getting a little hungry at this point, so I enjoyed a bar I had been keeping in my purse for a while. It was delicious!

Here I am trying on two different types of black Nike shirts that I have to order with my company's logo. I'm bummed because I have a headshot in a week and they don't have my size online right now. I was hoping I could purchase a shirt in the store, but that wasn't possible either. 

We were ready to eat lunch, so we headed back to Tosa to Cafe Bavaria for their brunch menu. It was Craig's first time there!

I enjoyed a Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen beer! It's the perfect summer drink!

I ordered Bertilda's Breakfast--lots of fresh vegetables and poached eggs on top.

Craig got a jalapeno cheddar wurst, scrambled eggs, potatoes and bread. I tried some of the amazing bread and ate most of his potatoes too.

Once home, I took a long nap with these guys. They were so snuggly with me and each other all afternoon.

While I napped, Craig worked on trying to fix a Playstation his friend gave him. That's his fun new work toy, a Microsoft Surface. 

And today, I cleaned, read some things for work (learned a bit more about TRX), and then we went to see Lucy. It was excellent!

How was your weekend? I so need another day, but I'm prepped for another super busy week.


  1. The kittens are getting so big! Love this picture of them snuggling together.

  2. Love "parallel carreer!" Craig should check out the sausage from SA Braai next time you are at the Wauwatosa Market--it's very unique and local of course.