Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday/Labor Day Weekend

I've been off of work since Thursday and it does not feel like I had five days off. 

I ran tons of errands on Thursday and went to my new work for a pool party with Craig that night. I finally bought the Merrell Hiking Boots I've been waiting to purchase. They were not cheap, but worth every penny to protect my ankles while hiking.

On Friday, I was a major cranky pants and had a horrible day. Tanzi had to get 13 teeth removed at the Vet (which was not cheap and I felt so bad for the guy), I went to "model" for a gym photoshoot and let's just say modeling is overrated and then I had a haircut, which was the highlight of the day.

Saturday was much better. Mom came over and we went to the Tosa Farmers Market (her first time) before heading up to Mequon for the Parade of Homes. 

I bought apple cider doughnuts and after touring homes, we stopped at the new Outpost in Mequon for a delicious and healthy lunch. I had the tofu steak sandwich with a fresh juice and a sheba bar.

The Parade of Homes in Mequon featured the most luxurious houses of this year's sites. I loved the Arts & Crafts home by SCI below. It was huge, but had a really nice layout and a gorgeous screen porch.

I turned 34 on Sunday and we celebrated with a jam packed day. We went to Bruegger's for breakfast, mostly because we didn't feel like waiting at a sit down place for a mid-morning breakfast. I had egg and cheese on pumpernickel and it was delish!

I got a free Venti Starbucks drink to share with Craig after. Not my favorite flavor ever, Mocha Cookie Crumble, but it was different.

And the rest of the afternoon, we played with the kitties, researched Colorado hotels/things to do and napped.

By 3 p.m., we decided to get going on our bike ride on the Lake Country Recreation trail. We started just east of Country Springs Hotel and made it to the town of Delafield for a total of 9.93 miles round trip.

It was a nice trail with mainly views of the marshes surrounding it. We walked our bikes to the top of a big hill and had some nice views of Pewaukee Lake, but otherwise, the trail didn't get close to the lakes in the area.

We had dinner out after our ride and stopped by my in-laws house to check on it, assuming they were still gone at their cottage. My mother-in-law surprised us by being home, so we sat and talked for a bit.

We're just doing more research on our vacation today and I need to get some program designs ready for my personal training clients this week! Eek! I am not comfortable enough to wing it yet.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


  1. Happy to hear you had a good birthday! I'm super curious about Tanzi and his 13 teeth. Was he getting annual dental cleanings? I ask because we've only had the boys go once (I hate getting them put under for the procedure) but the vet told us Merlot's tartar was getting really bad again, so I'm wondering if we should take them in again.

    1. Our doctor recommended 5 years for the kittens and the every 1 or 2 years for cleanings after that. Tanzi had an abscess in his mouth too. Poor guy was lethargic and drooling for a reason.

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