Sunday, November 23, 2014

Denver, Colorado: DMNS and Illegal Pete's

Our final two nights in Colorado were spent in Denver. It's such a huge city with so many great things to check out, but we were getting pretty worn out at that point in the trip and had to focus on only doing a few small tourist attractions.

On Tuesday, October 7th, we woke up early, had breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I work in a museum and actually have my Masters degree in Museum Studies (I haven't talked about it on the blog much). So, visiting a museum reminds me of work, but I also get to be inspired by how another institution creates their exhibits, programs and technology.

This is the view from the museum--gorgeous Denver skyline in the background.

 Of course the museum featured lots of gold!

My favorite exhibit was the health one. I could have spent all day in there since I am a total health and wellness geek.

So cool that the exhibit analyzed the way you walk and showed a shadow of you.

I wish we had this lab at the museum I work at!

After the museum, we got some coffee, walked around a Barnes and Noble and then headed out of the city to eat lunch at Illegal Pete's. 

It featured a great menu with lots of options! I liked my vegetarian tacos and Craig enjoyed his burrito.

'Twas a great last day in Colorado! I look forward to going back to Denver someday and exploring it more.

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