Saturday, October 11, 2014

Two Weeks Ago

Yes, this post is about my life two weeks ago. I am that far behind on blogging. I had one of those unlucky streaks in life which kept me from getting on the computer to do anything.

Two weeks ago today I was at my beautiful niece Kelli's wedding in Minnesota!

My sister-in-law Ginny and I danced while she had my nephew's light up shoes on! I had enough wine that night to get out on the dance floor quite a bit.

My four brothers, two sisters, me and my parents! Yes, I come from a huge family.

At the end of the night, a bunch of us were hoping to take home the pretty centerpieces. I was happy to get one because I love the box. Such a great idea for a wedding centerpiece! 

The bride and my sister Laurie.

My daddy and I.

Niece Sheri and I.

I rode up to Minnesota with Ginny, my brother Brian and my nephews. I was supposed to go up there with Craig, but Pema got extremely sick right before the weekend and the vet told him to stay home from the wedding weekend. Craig had to feed Pema three pills a day, which is not something we could have asked my in-laws do. More on that in a bit. So, I enjoyed a ride up there with my brother's family instead. 

Pema's medical condition was part of feeling cursed for a couple of weeks. First, Tanzi had his abscess and thirteen teeth removed. Then, we started noticing that Pema was using the litter box far too many times per day. We took him into the emergency vet three weeks ago. He left the hospital with what we thought was a UTI, but then he had to return again the following Tuesday and was diagnosed with Feline Urinary Tract Disease. He was in the hospital for 36 hours and has to be on a very expensive special food the rest of his life.

Here's Pema all drugged up--you can tell by his messed up eye. Poor guy.

Tanzi loving his brother.

Sorry to hop around, but back to Minnesota. We got up there Friday afternoon and went shopping at the Mall of America. I hadn't been there in about 11 years.

My nephews went on some rides and I shopped off and on. I went on one roller coaster with them and it brought back memories of when I was their age, visiting the mall for the first time. 

On Friday night, my sister Karen had family over to her house for dinner. It was tough for me to go there because I was seeing some family I no longer talk to or rarely do. I survived, probably thanks to wine and this comforting peach pie my brother-in-law Tom made.

On the gorgeous day of the wedding, my parents and I walked around White Bear Lake, where we were staying. I had been going to that town for years but never seen the pretty houses and downtown area up close. It's such a cute area on the beautiful lake!

I bought a necklace and earrings at Primp in downtown WBL, which is such a cute and inexpensive clothing and accessories store!

Luckily, after I got back from Minnesota, things started to go more smoothly and our trip to Colorado two days later was super lucky and fantastic. More on that soon. I'm in the mood to recap each city we went to because I (we) loved Colorado so much. So get ready for some travel and restaurant posts!

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  1. Seeing your short sleeves reminds me of what a gorgeous weekend that was. That's a really nice family photo, it's nice having occasions to get photos like that.