Thursday, November 13, 2014

Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste and Walgreens Saturdate #Sponsored #ColgateEnamelHealth #MC

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Colgate. I received a product sample for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

I pride myself in excellent dental health, but it hasn't always been that way for me or for Craig. Years of drinking soda and eating sugary foods impacted our dental health, but luckily, we are turning that around by being religious about our habits. Naturally, I was excited to receive the opportunity to review Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste and share my experience with you!

On Saturday, November 15th, Walgreens is hosting a Saturdate® event in which you can learn more about Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste

We have a Walgreens within walking distance of our house and I love shopping in their beauty and health area because I can always find the newest products I read about in magazines and see on TV. I used a Walgreens gift card Influence Central sent me to purchase the Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste.

I have been using the Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste for the last week and I really like how clean my teeth feel after I use it. Since Craig and I both are quite concerned about enamel, I am hopeful that the product will improve the health of our teeth. We are very dedicated to flossing and using mouthwash as well. 

I purchased the whitening type, but Walgreens also sold the sensitive teeth type too.

I went to the dentist for a cleaning a couple of weeks ago and was praised for the health of my teeth. While I no longer drink soda, I still drink coffee multiple times a day and I eat acidic fruit, both of which could be damaging my enamel.

I read more about enamel erosion from the Colgate website. One of the things I learned is that since I used to have acid reflux due to gastrointestinal problems, my enamel may have been negatively impacted as a result. This is called intrinsic erosion. 

Extrinsic erosion is caused by dietary acids such as diet soda, fruit drinks, carbonated drinks and sugar. 

Signs of enamel erosion include teeth that are worn down, discolored, transparent in nature, and sensitivity.

I plan to attend the Walgreens Saturdate® event featuring the new Colgate® Enamel HealthTM Toothpaste on Saturday, November 15th to learn more from the beauty advisors! One of the questions I may ask the advisor is how long using the product takes to start to restore enamel. If you attend, you can expect to find complimentary samples and a Walgreens employee to educate you about the new product. 

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