Sunday, November 23, 2014

Obsessions: Serial podcast, 23andMe, and Finding Your Roots

Non-food/wellness/fitness things I've been obsessed with lately:

Serial Podcast Anyone else obsessed with Serial? I wasn't sure I'd get that into it when I first started listening, but I think I should have been a detective because I love mysteries and trying to put clues together, like the host Sarah Koenig is doing in each episode. It comes out every Thursday and I so look forward to listening to a new episode on my way to work. I've been discussing it with my colleagues who are also hooked. One of them is even more obsessed than I am with it!

23andMe The same colleague that is obsessed with Serial also got her 23andMe test back recently with percentages of her ethnicities outlined. I love genealogy and I was pretty much ready to pay the $99 to get the test done when I heard it was now that cheap. I started doing some research on twitter about the health aspect of the test (which will be approved by the FDA soon I hope). Somehow I stumbled upon a tweet that mentioned if you have Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), you could get the test for free and contribute to IBD research. I signed up immediately and literally was dancing with excitement in my kitchen. Yes, total nerd here.

My sample ready to be sent! I cannot wait to get my results back in 6-8 weeks. I am really hoping they get processed before Christmas so I can show the genetic percentages to my siblings and parents. Obviously, I am also excited to contribute to IBD research with this test as well. I told three of my family members who also have Ulcerative Colitis about it and urged them to sign up. 

Finding Your Roots show on PBS I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but when I find a show I love, I get addicted. I am currently loving Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s PBS show about celebrities' family histories and genealogy. I am getting inspired to log onto and do more research on sides of my family that are still a mystery to me. I just wish I was fortunate enough to have researchers in Norway, Germany, Austria and Denmark to find more information on those sides of my family that I know so little about. Maybe my 23andMe test will be helpful, as the DNA test is for celebrities on the show.

My husband's latest obsession? Researching the Amazon Echo and watching funny parodies about it. Someone really wants Santa to bring him one, that's for sure. 

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  1. I love Serial!!! I'm also obsessed with watching TED Talks and Gilmore Girls lately. :)