Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekend Happenings

How was your weekend? Mine was rejuvenating!

We started out our weekend shopping for ottomans at a number of stores. I'd like one that hinges open with storage. Many of my favorites were at HomeGoods, but they didn't have storage.

I really like this chevron one, but I am not sure if I'll get sick of the print eventually.

After shopping, we headed to Chipotle for some burritos and we shared a Sauza margarita, which was a nice way to end the week. 

On Saturday morning, I cleaned a little, we shoveled and then I was excited to go to my first Wellness Jumpstart class through the Milwaukee Recreation Department. The class will cover yoga, meditation, massage therapy and juicing in the four weeks I am participating in it. There is just one other woman in my class, which is a little odd, but quite nice! Our teacher led us in an hour plus yoga session and it felt great to stretch and relax. What a great way to start out 2015.

Our homework was to read two issues of Natural Awakenings that our teacher brought and bring some interesting things to discuss to next week's class. I read them both and want to ask if anyone has been to a naturopathic doctor before. There was an article about a Milwaukee one and I've always been interested in seeing how they differ from a traditional doctor. 

I went grocery shopping after class and once I got out of the store, the snow and icy weather had started so I rushed home. 

I settled in with some magazines, because one of my goals is to get through my piles of magazines early in the year. These are all issues from last summer/fall, so that's how far behind I am in my reading.

The other thing I read was the book The Winter People. It's pretty good so far--I am just trying to get a grasp on who all of the characters are and where the plot is headed.

I love trying new smoothie recipes, so I took one of the Cranberry Green smoothies from Simple Green smoothies and made it for us for dinner. Craig ended up drinking most of it because he needs his greens and fruit more than I do!

I started out my Sunday in a typical way, by watching the Today show and CBS Sunday Morning. I made us blueberry pancakes, which Pema desperately wanted to try too.

Alas, there was more shoveling to do after breakfast. The kitties watched us with curiosity and also loved seeing the snow falling all day. 

I'll end my relaxing weekend by watching the first episode in Season Five of Downton Abbey tonight! Will you be watching? It looks like it will be quite the dramatic season.


  1. That wellness class through the Milwaukee rec sounds amazing! I'll have to check it out!

  2. I was so excited to watch Downton on Sunday, unfortunately I've been really, really tired lately and fell asleep before it came on at 9 EST. However, I quickly caught up the next day thanks to :)