Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 2003, otherwise known as the year I canceled my wedding, moved to CA and started grad school

I thought it'd be fun to do a throwback Thursday post and maybe I'll continue this tradition in the future. With digital pictures, I feel like I never really look at them as often as I should and reflect on the past.

This Thursday, we're back in 2003. As the title of the post says, that was a monumental year in my life. I was supposed to get married and instead, I canceled my wedding four days before it was to take place. I worked at the Milwaukee Art Museum as a security guard and then moved to California in the fall and I started Graduate School. Enjoy!

My niece Kelli and I. I can't believe she got married last year!

My friends and I at a party.

My friend Jamie and I in Alameda (where we both lived at the time). We met at graduate school. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and just finished chemotherapy! Oh how I miss that gorgeous SF skyline!

The Hiawatha train outside the Milwaukee Art Museum.


I can't believe I wore this uniform as a security guard. It was so huge on me! I think I barely weighed over 100 lbs.

I seriously loved that job. It actually changed my life.

JFKU graduate school classmates! I still stay in touch with many of these people and thanks to Facebook, I think I am friends with all of them online except for three or four people.

Mom with Nathan on the day he was born!

My sister-in-law Ginny, nephew Nathan and I.

My dad and one of our cockatiels.

My room the first semester of graduate school. I lived with a crazy photographer, cat and dog. I cried my eyes out in this room after my ex-boyfriend broke up with me from Hungary. 

Oakland from the air.

I always liked of liked this photo my ex took of me. It was taken at the top of Bascom Hill in Madison.

RIP Suki! My brother and sister-in-law's cat in California. I loved this cat so much and she adored me too.

Probably the only cat I have ever met that I didn't like. His name was Wise Guy and he was my roommate's. He was always so itchy and knocked things over my my desk. Granted, this was before I was a crazy cat lady.

Aaah, the California coastline. While I'd probably never move back there again, I do miss it sometimes. 

Oh 2003 was quite the year!


  1. What an interesting look back! Makes me want to pull out old photos.

  2. You did some interesting things! I think I got boring after I graduated from college (except when I quit my job and went to grad school, though even that was in Milwaukee...)