Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Recap: India Garden Lunch Buffet and I finally bought a Fitbit!

Hope you had a good weekend! I had a fantastic one!

We started it out with our usually Saturday routine of household chores and reading books. I started The Light Keeper's Legacy by Wisconsin author Kathleen Ernst. It is set on Rock Island and my Great Great Grandfather was raised there. Two or three of my ancestors were lighthouse keepers in Wisconsin, so I love reading about the topic. A co-worker borrowed the book to me and I want to be sure to finish it as soon as possible. 

We headed out to the lunch buffet at India Garden in Wauwatosa. I had only been there once before with a friend, but never for the buffet. 

The place was packed and the buffet line was super long! The food was delicious and I tried a few new things, like idly (middle right side of my plate).

Coconut soup was also new to me and super yummy!

We walked around Best Buy a bit after and I looked at activity trackers, per usual. They didn't have any Fitbit Surges or the Charge HR in stock, so Craig brought up price matching at Target instead using Amazon. I was pretty excited at the idea of getting a Fitbit in my hands right away (after talking about them forever), so we headed to Target next!

They had two small Fitbit surges in stock and I felt like it was meant to be! I saved $12 off the original price using the Amazon price matching and then 5% off thanks to the Target credit card! Tip if you ever use the Amazon price matching policy at Target: the item has to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Once home, I got my new toy all set up and played with it a bit. I'm loving it so far! It's pretty big on my wrist, but I'm already used to it.

I was excited to wake up this morning and see my sleep stats. I have a feeling the Fitbit might motivate me to get to bed earlier during the work week.

I went for a walk/run this morning and listened to Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast. I like the topics and format a lot, but I am also a big fan of her books (looking forward to her new one on habits). I'm always on the hunt for new podcasts since I listen to them while commuting, with headphones at work and on outdoor walk/runs.

Having a GPS that tracked my mileage definitely motivated me to keep exercising longer.

Craig left the house mid-morning, so it was time for me to dive into the ACE Fitness Nutrition manual that I received a couple of months ago. This nutrition geek is loving absorbing the information!

After lunch, I drove to the Wauwatosa Library for a talk on "Inner Engineering." Craig and I saw this flyer randomly at the Indian restaurant yesterday and while he was busy at this time and really wanted to go, I was able to attend. I wouldn't say I learned anything that new because Craig and I watch videos from the Isha Foundation all of the time, but it did help to hear reminders. 

I made a stop at the Tosa Outpost Natural Foods on my way home and picked up a few things. I love shopping there and only wish we had one closer to my house. 

Time to go do a little food prep for the week and some more reading done! Have a great week!

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  1. I'm thankful for the podcast recommendation! I've become discouraged lately because none of my regulars have new ones to listen to and podcasts make my daily walks so much more enjoyable.