Sunday, July 12, 2015


Here's what I've been up to the past week:

Last Sunday, I went to a Fermentation workshop at the Bay View Outpost. Fermentation enthusiast Tara Whitsitt is traveling the country in a school bus for two years with the mission of teaching people about how easy it is to ferment vegetables. 
She brought samples for us to try! 
 Here's Tara giving us a tour of her bus.
We saw this bush on a walk and it was so bizarre looking. It's called a Purple Smoke Bush.
I took advantage of Food Truck Thursday. I was so happy to see the falafel guys there (it's often hard to find vegetarian food at some of the food trucks).
It was really yummy, of course!

I had a mango bubble tea from another truck too.
The Maurice Sendak exhibit started at the Milwaukee Central Library this week! I loved their elevators and the exhibit was excellent too.

I've been loving this Trader Joe's dip. It's delicious with pretzel thins. 
Craig and I headed over to Bay View on Saturday and enjoyed breakfast at the Outpost Cafe. I got a Rise and Shine juice and a breakfast burrito. I was full until 2 p.m. after eating this at 9 a.m. Lots of protein!
My schedule was all out of whack this week, so we didn't get out on as many walks as we had hoped to. I went for a solo one on Saturday night because Craig was feeling sick. I enjoy walking in my Sperry's and find they are really supportive and comfortable. 
Evening sunlight on my walk--my hair looks so red/strawberry blond here. It's nearly donation time!
Speaking of donating, we cleaned out 6 boxes of stuff and brought it all to Goodwill! The Minimalists and Marie Kondo would be so proud. 
Two things I loved this week:

This little girl and her "I don't want to eat animals" video. This reminded me so much of my childhood and it's no surprise that I am a vegetarian now.

Watching an episode of America's Test Kitchen that featured a delicious looking Quinoa Pilaf with Chile, Queso Fresco and Peanuts. I added it to my "must make soon" list.  

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