Saturday, October 10, 2015

I donated my hair!

About a month ago, I headed to the salon to get 9 inches off of my hair! I have always wanted to donate my hair and it felt good to finally do it. When I initially decided to go through with the process, I researched all of the different companies to donate to in-depth and discovered that some places charge wig recipients. Pantene Beautiful Lengths does not charge, so I focused on donating to them and read all of their guidelines for donating in detail. 
Tips for donating:
  • Check out the donation requirements on the Pantene Beautiful Lengths site
  • I grew my hair out for 2 years and three months. I probably got about five small trims during this time. 
  • I did not color my hair during this time period
  • I used lots of deep conditioner twice a week to keep my hair healthy. Favorites include Aveda Deep Reconstructing and Aussie Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Miracle. 
  • Air dry your hair as much as possible. For me, this often meant unwanted waves, frizz and an overall look I didn't love, but it was worth it to keep my hair healthy. 
  • Use a heat protectant whenever you blowdry, flatiron or curl.
I sent mine in with a note on the bag--Craig's Aunt Wanda is battling cancer, so I dedicated my donation to women like her. 
While I'm loving how easy it is to take care of and dry my shorter hair, I really want to grow it out again for a second donation. I might enjoy it shorter and blonder for a little while and then start the process all over again.

Have you ever donated your hair or wanted to?

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  1. I have donated my hair a few times, but it was before I knew that Locks of Love is not a non profit organization, and that they may also refuse to give wigs to children who have a bad prognosis. This time, I want to give to wigs for kids or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I will, once again, go from having waist-long hair, to having a pixie.