Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekend recap--packing, a wedding and furniture shopping

Hey, how was your weekend? Ours was pretty darn busy and I'm glad the next three have no formal plans because moving day will be here before we know it.

I took off of work on Friday and spent most of the day cleaning and packing. I got a lot done, but it still feels like there is so much more to do.

When Craig got home from work, we headed out to dinner at an Indian restaurant. Once our bellies were happy and full of lassis, naan and paneer tikka masala, we ventured down the road to a furniture store we hadn't been to yet. It was really disappointing, so we checked that one off our list. 
Saturday was dedicated to a bit of packing and cleaning in the morning. I went to my colleague's wedding ceremony mid afternoon and then we headed to the reception later that night.

Yummy and beautifully decorated cupcakes greeted us at the table!  I enjoyed a pumpkin spice one.
My work colleagues past and present! (If you're reading this--hi Erin and Jocelyn).
Sunday was supposed to be a packing day, but we ended up going to many furniture stores instead. Post spending nearly two hours at two stores, we were hungry and I suggested Tom + Chee in Elm Grove for lunch! I had a Swiss and cheddar grilled cheese half sandwich on pumpernickel rye and a cup of delicious creamy basil tomato soup. It was exactly what I was craving!
We rested at home a bit, did research on mattresses and beds and then headed downtown to West Elm in the Third Ward.
I loved nearly every item I saw (but have to admit that Craig's right--Target's styles right now look pretty darn similar and are a quarter of the price)! They didn't have the bed we found on their website to see in person, but we checked out the swatches for the upholstery.
The last stop of the night was the mall to mattress shop again. After numerous models and prices going through our tired brains, we finally decided that Boston Store had the best deal. We agreed to order it, so come mid-November we'll graduate from sharing a puny Double to a King! The same sweet salesman that helped us order our mattress 7 years ago was there and he helped us feel more confident with our expensive decision. One thing off our list, many more to go!

Off to get ready for bed! Have a great week. 

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  1. Lovely photos! All of a sudden, a grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds amazing right now!