Friday, November 20, 2015

What a week!

This has sure been a crazy week!

We moved last weekend.
 Loading up the truck at our old house.
My mother-in-law cleaning our old tiny kitchen!
 Chaos in the dining and living areas.

On Saturday night, we walked to our corner Mexican restaurant one last time to enjoy a margarita pitcher, chips and salsa and fried ice cream.
If I look exhausted here it's because I was (still am). I had walked over 25,000 steps that first day.
On Sunday, we loading up the moving truck twice and didn't finish our day until 10 p.m.

Once our help left for the evening, Craig and I drove back to load up more little things and the whole garage. Then we had to get the cats in their cages and I drove them back to the new house. Tears started flowing then. It was the last time the kitties would be at the house they "grew up in."  I felt so bad since they hate being in cages. Tanzi and Pema meowed the entire 20 minute trip and Shiva was silent.

The new basement freaked them out a bit and Tanzi wanted out of there! Shiva and Pema hid behind the washer and dryer.

We spent Sunday night at the new place and I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise to greet me on Monday morning!
I was still off of work on Monday and ran errands to Steinhafels to complete our living room couch order and Costco for groceries and whatever else I could find. I'm bummed that our special order couch for the living room won't come until January if we're lucky, but at least we have a new couch to enjoy in the entertainment room.

Of course I found two fabulous and cheap rugs at Costco--this one is for the kitchen sink area and the other is a runner I scored for under $10. I have to carefully select rugs now because we bought a Roomba and it's picky about what it cleans!
After two nights in the basement, we let the cats out on Tuesday evening. Tanzi was excited to explore the new place and Pema was nervous, but came up. Shiva protested and stayed in the basement. Eventually, we got him upstairs and he is still pretty nervous at any odd noise he isn't familiar with.
Shiva exploring a bit once he was more comfortable.

The new kitchen was a mess for a little while but now it's coming along. Thanks to my wonderful friend Danielle and my mother-in-law, we got dishes washed, dried and put away on moving day #1.
We needed barstools for our breakfast nook and I found these at for about $70 each (which is a total steal). We love them and so does Pema. At least if the cats scratch the upholstery, I won't fret too much vs. $200 barstools.
By Wednesday, I started getting a bad neck ache and stiffness. I think it was a result of overexertion from the move. I came home from work early yesterday and watched part of this movie in bed with a heating pad on my neck. I experienced the exact same issue two years ago in November and it was awful. I'm trying to take care of myself and rest this time.
Boy am I glad this week is over, even though it was filled with lots of positives, it was exhausting.

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